Project Requests

Project Requests

The OIT Project Management Group is your first stop when proposing a new project or requesting a change or enhancement to an existing service. Whether it's a one-time change or a multi-year, enterprise scale project, we will facilitate its entry into the university's governance process.  

To ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible, engage with us from the start. Our analysts and project managers can help you get the most from university resources!

Get Help

For technical support or to report an outage, contact the OIT Service Desk or stop by the Bobcat Depot.

For assistance with requesting an IT Project please send an email to:

Submit an IT Project Request

Click here to submit your IT project request - Project Request Online Form

At a minimum, your project request must have:

  • Project Name or Suggested Name
  • Project Sponsor (this person has the operational authority at the University to authorize resources and budget in addition to making policy decisions that enable the project team to deliver solutions)
  • Project Description & Requirements (describes purpose and intended business value and lists all requirements this project must deliver)
  • Preferred Completion Date
  • Funding

Additional fields are available on the project request form. Completing the form in full better assists our team in evaluating your request. Failing to do so may result in prolonged analysis and planning time for your request.

Project requests are only accepted from faculty and/or staff. If you are a student requesting an IT project, please work with a faculty or staff sponsor to get your request in the queue.

Click here to check the status of your Project: Project Status Dashboard

Web Pages & Websites

Use our Web Request Form (Excel format) to request the development of a new web page or changes to existing web page(s). Note: This does not include the development of online applications, forms, or interfaces.