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IT Outages & Scheduled Maintenance

This page tracks scheduled and unscheduled down time for centrally managed IT services.  Click an item to reveal additional details about that entry.  If you have questions, please contact the OIT Service Desk at 740-593-1222.

Current Incidents

Oct 7, 11 am: Issues accessing shared.ohio.edu folders and files || RESOLVED

  • Service was restored at 3:35 pm on Oct 7.  

    Our storage vendor identified a bug in their software that caused this outage and has supplied us with a fix that we will apply during the next available maintenance window. Applying that fix will not require any additional down time.

    Until we can apply that fix, we may need to restart the affected part of the storage array occasionally.  If a restart is needed, it will not have any noticeable effect; however, to minimze risk, such restarts will only happen at 6 am.

    We are investigating intermittent access issues with items stored on shared.ohio.edu and home.ohio.edu. Users are reporting that they sometimes are unable to open or modify a file or folder. In many cases, after several attempts, the item becomes available again.

    This issue also could affect VDI sessions, if users need to access shared storage from within their virtual desktop.

    Latest updates below...

    Oct 7, 2:45 pm

    Issue continues. Vendor is anaylzing data we sent them. We will update status within the next hour.

    Oct 7, 2:18 pm

    Issue continues.  Level 1 support ticket open with our storage vendor. They will be doing some active, remote analysis of our equipment and system logs to look for root cause.


Oct 12, 7:01 am: NAS storage affecting major systems inclinding Blackboard Learn, PeopleSoft & e-Biz

  • 10:37 am, Oct 12

    All production services, including smaller applicaitons, are back online. We still are working to restore access to a few lower environments, but from an end user perspective this outage should be resolved.

    10:17 am, Oct 12

    Blackboard Learn is back online. If you receive a 'maintenance in progress' error, you may need to restart your browser or clear your browser's cache.

    At this point, we still have a number of applicatins with smaller user bases that are still affected. Those applications will come back online over the next several hours.

    9:22 am, Oct 12

    PeopleSoft & My OHIO Student Center are back online

    8:40 am, Oct 12

    e-Biz is back online.  Blackboard Learn currently is in the process of being rebooted.

Oct 13, 2:55 pm: e-Business, Workforce & other related applications || RESOLVED

  • 3:43 pm, Oct 13:

    Service restored.

    As of 2:55 pm, Oracle e-Business, Workforce and other applications that depend on WebSEAL authentication currently are not accessible.  Technicians are actively working to resolve this issue.

    Affected applications include:

    • ebiz
    • workforce
    • myhr
    • IDM
    • concur
    • sciwm

Student printing: intermittent interruptions

  • Public printers in Alden library and other campus printer locations that use Bobcat Cash have been experiencing occasional service disruptions.  When these happen, users are unable to print until the service has been restarted.  Until we resolve this issue, lab managers have been asked to watch for print outages and to report them to the Service Desk at 740-593-1222, so we can get the service restarted quickly.

Scheduled Maintenance

Oct 13, 6 pm - 11 pm: Apply patch to NAS storage

  • During the standard 6 pm Tuesday maintenance window, our storage vendor will be applying a patch to our network storage array to fix a bug that caused an outage on Oct. 7, 2015.

    This will be a rolling update, so there should be no noticeable end user impact.

Oct 13, 4 am - 5 am: Blackboard Learn, e-Biz & PeopleSoft

  • We will be performing work to address network storage problems that caused the unplanned Blackboard Learn, PeopleSoft, and e-Biz outages this morning, Oct 12.

    This work should be non-disruptive; however, there is a slight chance of a brief interruption some time between 4 am and 5 am.


Oct 14, 12:01 am - 1 am: Wireless change to support Android 6.0

  • We will be making a configuration change to the OHIO University wireless network to allow devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow to successfully connect.

    This work will not have any noticeable impact.

Oct 16, 5 pm - Oct 19, 7 am: Oracle e-Biz & related services

  • OIT has regularly scheduled maintenance for the Oracle e-Business Suite from 5:05 pm Friday, October 16 through 7:00 am Monday, October 19.  During this maintenance window, e-Business and related services may be unavailable.  If you choose to access the system during this time, save your work often, as services may go down without notice.

    If you have access to e-Business administrative screens, you may be prompted to install an updated version of Java when you log in after this work is complete.

    Affected services include:

    Oracle E-Business Suite:

    Oracle HRMS

    Oracle FMS

    Employee Management System

    OUFMS Reporting

    My Personal Information


    Online Graduate Appointments

    OU Business Online

    OU Funds Available

    OU PO Summary View

Oct 31, 7 am - 9 am: Multiple admin & academic apps

  • A database upgrade will require down time for the following applications:

    • AdAstra
    • Apex
    • Academic applications, including:
    • Course Offerings
    • Faculty & Advising Center
    • DARS
    • Other apps that depend on SIS data (PeopleSoft itself will not be affected)
    • Mulesoft
    • Network registration
    • OBI Schdeuler
    • VMware Vcenter
    • Workforce

Nov 7: Blackboard Learn || TENTATIVE

  • Tentative 6 hour outage for Blackboard Learn during the standard late night/early morning maintenance window to apply required updates.