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Updated test scoring and course evaluation services available summer 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Sean O'Malley  

New features coming summer 2012 to OIT's Test Score Office

This story was updated at 4:45 pm on June 5, 2012.

New capabilities and minor changes to a familiar service are in store when OIT upgrades its test scoring and course evaluation/survey processing systems for summer 2012.

The summer upgrade will feature expanded reports in multiple formats for bubble sheet tests, exclusive electronic delivery of results, and a new system that offers both paper and online options for course evaluations and surveys.  

Test Score: Minor changes to a familiar service

According to OIT Customer Resources Manager Kim McClain, the transition to new test scoring software should be a simple one. "Standard bubble sheets still will work, and the basic process for submitting a test for grading will not change," McClain said. 

Users will need to be aware of just two changes: test takers will have to fill in a blank oval to preserve the spacing between first and last name with the new system, and instructors will receive results in electronic form only. The new service will offer multiple formats, including PDF, Excel, and Access. Reports also will include more attractive formatting and expanded charts, graphs, and statistics compared to the old system.

According to McClain, the Test Score Office will run the old and new systems in parallel from the week of May 21 through mid to late June. Instructors who submit items for grading during this time will receive both an old style report and a new report, so they can compare the two. After the old system is retired, only the new style reports will be available.

Class Climate: Online evaluations and a new method for using paper sheets

For course evaluations and surveys, OIT will be offering a new service called Class Climate. As with the test scoring upgrade, Class Climate will officially go into production for summer 2012, but the system will be available in the coming weeks for departments interested in transitioning sooner.  

Class Climate includes both paper and online options for administering course evaluations and surveys. It also offers a great deal of flexibility for instructors or departments who wish to design their own surveys/evaluations.

The package originally was adopted by the Russ College of Engineering during fall quarter and has since been licensed for the entire university. "We couldn't have been more pleased," said Shawn Ostermann, Russ College Associate Dean . "It was very easy to design exactly the forms we needed, and administering the online evaluations is very straightforward."

Departments that prefer to use paper evaluations will be able to do so, but they may not be able to re-use old forms. "The Test Score Office still will be able to scan evaluations that use Scantron 4521 forms," McClain says. "But custom Scantron sheets will not work without extensive reprogramming." That reprogramming can be done, but it comes with a fee from Scantron.

Individuals interested in using Class Climate during spring quarter or who wish to inquire about paper evaluation options can contact the Test Score Office at or 740-593-1010.


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