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Test Score Office changes for 2012 - Questions and answers

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What will the Test Score Office's new scanner and software packages mean for you as an instructor or departmental admin? Read on to find out:

Is the Test Score Office closing?

No. We are implementing new software and a new scanner.

For the past several weeks, we have been running the old and new systems in parallel and collecting feedback from faculty about the new reports, making adjustments as necessary.

Are Scantron sheets being eliminated for exams? Will faculty be required to put their exams online once OHIO switches to semesters? 

No. The Test Score Office will continue to process standard, blue Scantron answer sheets (form 4521) and provide all of the reports that the old system used to. The only changes are:

  • Reports will contain graphs and look more professional than they did under the old system.
  • Students will need to blacken a space between their first and last names. Tests without the space will not be rejected, but the student’s name will appear as a single word on the report.
  • Reports will be delivered online only. Instructors will be able to download their reports via a secure online channel for 30 days after scanning. Those who wish a hard copy will need to print the appropriate report(s) out themselves.

Will departments be required to use online course evaluations?

No. The university’s new course evaluation software, Class Climate offers multiple ways to administer evaluations and surveys:

  • Online – Class Climate provides a comprehensive, effective way to distribute and process course evaluations and surveys online. The Russ College of Engineering and the College of Health Sciences and Professions have been using this method successfully since fall 2011. The College of Arts & Sciences also is piloting online evaluations with several departments this quarter.
  • Standard blue Scantron sheets – Departments who currently use standard blue Scantron bubble sheets (form 4521) for their evaluations may continue to do so. Evaluations administered this way will be scanned using our test scoring software instead of Class Climate.
  • Paper surveys printed via Class Climate – Class Climate provides a great deal of flexibility for departments who wish to create paper surveys and evaluations. After designing a survey or evaluation in Class Climate, it can be printed out locally, distributed to the participants, and then taken to the Test Score Office for scanning and processing.
  • Pre-printed, custom Scantron sheets – During fall and winter quarters, the Test Score Office processed custom, pre-printed evaluation forms for five departments. The new scanner cannot read those forms without being reprogrammed for each unique layout. This reprogramming can be done, but it incurs a fee from Scantron. Interested departments should contact the Test Score Office at 740-593-1010 for a price quote.

How much training is required to use Class Climate?

That depends on your role. An instructor who only needs to access his or her own evaluation and survey reports can learn the basics in a few minutes. Individuals with admin rights will require more in depth training.

Recently, OIT brought Scantron staff on campus to offer a two day “train the trainer” seminar for college representatives. This 14 hour seminar was designed to give two individuals from each college enough knowledge to be able to administer their college’s Class Climate service, if need be, and to be able to help individual instructors learn how to navigate the system. OIT does not anticipate needing to offer such a seminar again.

Where can I find out more?

Contact the Test Score Office at 740-593-1010 or


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