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IT Change Guide: Spring/summer changes that will affect you

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Sean O'Malley  

OIT has a number of upgrades and new service offerings for spring and summer 2014 that will affect the way you teach, learn and perform your day to day work. 

Don't get phished! 

With so many changes happening with our IT systems, scammers are likely to target you more often in the coming weeks. If you receive an email reminder asking you to click a link to activate/update your account or information, do not respond! Any login reminders we send you will NOT include a clickable link. 

Blackboard | Email | VoIP telephones | Passwords | e-Business | Box cloud storage | Qualtrics surveys | Bobcat Depot

Blackboard upgrade

Blackboard will be down from 5:00 pm on May 7 through 11:59 pm on May 11 while we upgrade to Service Pack 13. Existing courses, organizations, and materials in blackboard.ohio.edu will be migrated to the new system automatically. If you want to have materials available for the first day of summer classes, we recommend creating/uploading those materials to the appropriate course shell before May 7.

Changes include:

If you will be teaching a summer class, we recommend that you log into the Blackboard preview server before the term starts to explore the new features. 

Email upgrade

Starting this summer, the university will be upgrading its Exchange email environment to the same Microsoft cloud-based system that current students and alumni use. Highlights of the change include:

  • 50GB inbox quota
  • Improved web interface - works the same on all browsers/systems
  • Easier meeting scheduling when one or more attendees is an undergraduate

All users

  • Increased quota
  • Free/busy visible to anyone at the university (can be disabled if you prefer not to share your availability)
  • Items in Deleted & Junk folders automatically purged after 30 days

Web users

  • New URL to check your mail
  • Improved interface that works the same on all browsers and operating systems

Outlook users

  • New settings will be detected automatically
  • The new system only works with Office 2010 or newer. If you are running an older version of Outlook, you will need to upgrade.

Mobile device users

  • You will have to update mail server settings on your device

Power users who manage multiple calendars and accounts

  • IT staff will work directly with you to make the transition

More information about the email upgrade will be available in the coming weeks.

VoIP telephone upgrade

OIT will be replacing all university office telephones with new VoIP units that offer enhanced capabilities:

  • Traditional voice calling
  • Video calling - Place video calls to other OHIO VoIP users. Video can be disabled by sliding a built-in lens cover over the camera.
  • Directory lookups - All new phones will have a built-in name lookup that ties into the university's staff directory.
  • Caller ID
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Single number reach - Office lines can be configured to ring at your desk and on your cell phone simultaneously.
  • Free seating - Log into any office phone, and your number will ring there.

OIT staff currently are conducting site surveys to verify the location of existing land line telephones. You will receive an email notice before our staff visit your building/office. 

OHIO passwords to require secret questions

In the coming weeks, OIT will begin a campaign to ensure that everyone at the university has secret challenge questions set for their OHIO password and that their password meets minimum complexity requirements. 

If you do not have secret questions associated with your OHIO password, you should create them as soon as possible. To do so:

  • Visit the Ohio University home page
  • Click on Information Technology
  • Click on Change your Password

If you already have secret questions, the tool will let you know once you log into it.

Don't get phished! 

If you receive an email reminder asking you to click a link to activate/update your account or information, do not respond! Any reminders we send you will NOT include a clickable link. 

Oracle e-Business & My Personal Info upgrade

The university is in the process of upgrading its Oracle e-Business Suite software to Release 12. The project team will communicate directly about this change with employees who have administrative access to e-Business. Employees who wish to log into My Personal Info after this upgrade will need to have secret questions set for their OHIO password.

Box: Free cloud storage for students, faculty and staff

The university has purchased a site license for Box that offers 50GB of free cloud storage to all current students, faculty and staff. Box highlights include:

  • 50 GB of file storage
  • Easy sharing/collaboration
  • Version control
  • Browser-based access from any Internet-capable computer
  • Ability to sync files/folders on a laptop/desktop
  • Mobile device access

To create your Box account, visit our Box home page.

Qualtrics: Create your own online surveys

The university has purchased a site license for the Qualtrics Research Suite. All current students, faculty and staff are eligible to use the service at no charge.

Qualtrics Research Suite is an easy to use, powerful tool for creating online surveys. It supports a wide range of approaches, from simple questionnaires and event signup lists to sophisticated social science research instruments with extensive scripting, randomization and interactive question presentation.

To learn more about Qualtrics, visit our Qualtrics home page.

Technology Depot & Bobcat Essentials to merge into "Bobcat Depot"

Bobcat Essentials and the Technology Depot are coming together, figuratively as well as literally. The two Baker University Center retail operations will be merging into a single store this summer. Walk-in technical support and warranty repairs will continue to be based at the Bobcat Depot.

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