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June 6, 2012 memo from Stephen Golding regarding retirement of university mainframe

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On June 6, 2012, Stephen Golding, Vice President for Finance and Administration, sent the following memo to all faculty and staff.

To: Faculty and Staff

From: Stephen Golding, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Date: 6/6/2012

Re: IBM Mainframe Retirement and New Printing Services

This memo is to inform you of a number of changes related to the retirement of the university’s legacy IBM mainframe computing and printing environments by the end of June 30, 2012. Affected services include:

Test Scoring and Course Evaluations 

OIT has purchased a new scanner/scanning package for test scoring, survey scanning, and printed course evaluation processing. Access to Scantron sheets for exam grading will be maintained. All generic Scantron sheets (form 4521) will continue to work with the new package, although there may be some specialized sheets that will need to be reentered into the new system. Current users of these services will receive separate communications detailing what changes, if any, will be required.  

The university also has licensed Class Climate for any departments interested in online course evaluations. Additional information about these services can be found at Some concerns have been raised about the amount of time needed to learn how to use the new evaluation system. In preparation for the broader use of Class Climate, college staff participated in an extensive train-the-trainer session. These staff will assist faculty in learning how to use Class Climate. Training at the college level will not require a significant amount of faculty time.

Mainframe computing

Most mainframe student computing operations have been replaced either by the new PeopleSoft SIS or separate applications that support the PeopleSoft environment, like Adirondack for Housing. All remaining production services will be migrated to new systems before June 30, 2012. Users of individual mainframe services can expect additional contact from OIT.

If you still use CICS (PowerTerm 3270) to access student data in either SIS or SAM, please visit to request access to PeopleSoft.  

The legacy student system data warehouse will be updated for the last time, and a complete set of its data will be frozen/archived before July 1, 2012. Eventually this data will be available through the university’s new reporting tool. In the meantime, historical student data will be available on request, pending approval from the appropriate data stewards. If you have queries or applications that still reference the data warehouse, please contact the OIT Service Desk at 740-593-1222 for assistance.  

Mainframe printing 

Mainframe printing in the Computer Services Center, including DARS, will be transitioned to University Printing Services at the conclusion of the current fiscal year on June 30, 2012. University Printing Services will charge departments directly for printing based on the size and scope of each request. Departments that currently print letters and reports at the Computer Services Center will need to budget for this beginning July 1, 2012.  

To ensure a successful transition, University Printing Services will work with departments to estimate future print volumes and identify specific requirements regarding printing and handling, packaging, delivery of sensitive data, and data retention polices for production output.  

If your requirements include printing sensitive data on network attached printers, please contact OIT for help determining your printer’s secure printing capabilities and assistance in setting up the necessary guidelines and processes for secure printing. For larger volume jobs, departments should contact University Print Services directly to determine the most cost effective method of handling these.  

Many considerations factored into the decision to consolidate high-speed printing to University Printing Services:

  • University Printing Services will be able to provide improved services, including expanded delivery of output, preprinting of letterhead, additional color printing, and other finishing services.  
  • Over the past several years, updated information systems and electronic delivery methods have reduced print volumes to the point that it is more economical for University Printing Services to provide this service.  
  • University efficiency and resource planning initiatives, including the university’s Sustainability Plan and the Print Responsibly Program, both support this move.

Additional Information

If you have questions regarding the mainframe’s retirement, please contact the Office of the CIO at or 740-566-8246.

If you have questions about printing, contact University Printing Services at or 740-593-1930.

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