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Redesigned Finance website first to go live in new Web CMS

Thursday, August 3, 2017
Jill Bateman & Sean O'Malley  

Ohio University's Office of Information Technology (OIT), University Communications and Marketing (UCM), and Finance and Administration are pleased to announce the launch of the first website on Ohio University's new Web Content Management System (Web CMS): https://www.ohio.edu/finance. The Finance site was completely redesigned to focus on primary functions and to meet campus needs before being built in the new Web CMS.

Improved navigation, accessibility, and ease of use

One of the most important changes to the Finance site is a new navigational scheme designed to help people quickly and easily find what they are looking for. Less obvious but equally important, developers and designers worked together to significantly improve the site's ADA accessibility, create a better mobile experience, and increase the site's chances of being a top hit for relevant internet search results. Finally, the new site offers a simplified interface for content contributors.

According to Chad Mitchell, Chief of Staff to the VP of Finance and Administration, the design team used focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and surveys to develop a user-friendly and customer-centered website. "Creating an improved user experience - while transitioning to the new Web CMS - required collaboration and feedback from departments and faculty and staff across the University,” Mitchell said.

"One of the things we're most proud of," says Toni Marinucci, Web Services Manager, "is that this project was not developed in a vacuum. Many departments came together to lend their expertise, set aside other priorities, and work together to help lay the groundwork for our new Web CMS. We are off to an excellent start."

Finance is the first of 5 pilot sites that will go live in preparation for the multi-year process of migrating close to 200 university websites into the new Web CMS. The pilot sites were chosen to go first based on features, availability, and flexibility. Together, those sites cover all of the baseline features that need to be included in the new Web CMS, their owners are willing to migrate early, and they are okay with the uncertainty that goes with being beta testers.

Let us know what you think

As the first Web CMS pilot site, the Finance site likely will receive additional refinements as the remaining 4 pilot websites come online and as we receive feedback from the general University community.

If you would like to help, we invite you to take a look at the new Finance website and then fill out a short survey to let us know what you think.


The three-year long Web Content Management System (Web CMS) project will migrate approximately 200 university websites from CommonSpot to a modern Web CMS that offers improved usability, accessibility, and ease of maintenance. The new service also will make it easier to optimize web pages for search engines, making it more likely that OHIO pages will appear near the top of relevant Internet searches. Finally, the project will encourage digital marketing efforts and facilitate consistent branding across the institution.

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