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Getting to IT services fast

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Thanks to your feedback, we have learned that the OIT website has grown cluttered and difficult to navigate over time. To address this issue and improve accessibility, we are systematically redesigning our site, starting with our front page.

While these changes make the site more intuitive for first-time visitors, returning visitors who are accustomed to the old layout may miss some of the old features. For example, if you get to key services like Box or email via our web page, there now are faster ways for you to get to those services.

Discover the services that interest you

To find the services you need, go to our main page at and click Services on the left-hand side of the page. This takes you to our service catalog where you can to see every service we provide. You just might be surprised by the extent of our offerings.

Get to a service quickly after you discover it

Once you know what service you are looking for, there are several ways to get to it quickly:

  1. Bookmark - Bookmark the service page that has a link to the service itself.
  2. Search - Google "Ohio University" plus the service name, and it will be the first result.
  3. Short URL - Each major IT service has as short URL. Once you know that URL, you can type it right into your browser. Want to go to Blackboard? Type in Catmail? It's This same, simple format works for Box, Qualtrics and other services. You also can find short URLs through our service catalog.

If you have feedback on our new website, please share it by completing this online form.

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