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Faster, more flexible VPN access now available

Friday, June 22, 2018
Sean O'Malley  

Accessing secure University online services from off-campus now is significantly faster, more flexible, and protected by multi-factor authentication, thanks to the new Campus VPN. Campus VPN will replace the university's old SSL VPN on July 20, 2018.

Reasons for the change include:

  • Better performance - Campus VPN connects much more quickly than the SSL VPN.
  • Flexibility - The new service supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android and does not require the use of a dedicated web browser or separate VPN client.
  • Security - Campus VPN uses multi-factor authentication, providing an added layer of protection against lost or stolen passwords.

Who needs Campus VPN?

Campus VPN provides remote access to online services that require you to be connected directly to the University network. Common reasons for using a VPN from home or while traveling include accessing an office PC via remote desktop, opening your Home and Shared network storage, and sending documents to a departmental printer. Employees who have access to certain databases or servers also may need to use Campus VPN to access those systems.

You do not need Campus VPN for general access to core services like Catmail, Office 365, Blackboard Learn, Faculty & Advising Center, e-Business, and PeopleSoft.

SSL VPN to be decommissioned on July 20

The University's old SSL VPN will be retired on July 20, 2018. Individuals who are using that service will need to switch to Campus VPN before July 20. OIT will contact those individuals directly. To learn more, visit the Campus VPN home page. For questions, contact the IT Service Desk.   

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