Overview of NextGen Network project 

The NextGen Network Upgrade is a multi-year project designed to improve the capacity, robustness and security of Ohio University's wired and wireless network infrastructure.  When complete, the project will provide a 40 Gbps core with a mix of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps single mode fiber optic links to individual buildings, and 100 Mbps to the desktop.  

Currently the project is slated for completion by 2014.

Project Timeline

Work Activity  Work Start Date  Work End Date
Award Vendor Contract  Jan '09  Jun '09
Procure Network Equipment (First Bond)  May '09  Oct '10
Core Fiber Links  May '09  Nov '09
Network Management Systems  Oct '09  Mar '10
Primary Core Router Installation  Oct '09  Oct '09
Virtual Private Network  Oct '09  Nov '09
Athens Wired Network  Oct '09  Apr '13
Network Access Control  Dec '09  Apr '13
Procure Network Equipment (Second Bond)  May '11  Jan '14
Regional Wired Network  May '11  Dec '12
Regional Out of Band Management Network  May '11  Dec '12
Athens Out of Band Management Network  Aug '11  Apr '13
Secondary Router Installation  Oct '11  Oct '11
Regional Wireless Network  Dec '12  Jul '13
Athens Wireless Network  Mar '13  Mar '14