NextGen Network upgrade begins 

Work under way in the Computer Services Center and HDL Center, other buildings to follow

Friday, October 2, 2009
Sean O'Malley, photo by Dave Dupler  

OIT techs feed fiber bundle into a steam tunnel at Jeff Hill.On Thursday, October 1, OIT network crews hit the ground - and tunnels - for the start of Ohio University's NextGen network upgrade.

Above ground, crews will be working in the Computer Services Center and HDL Center during the next two months to replace networking hardware and configure the new equipment to communicate with the university's core routers.

According to OIT director of infrastructure Rick Manderick, CSC and HDL are at the top of the list for quality assurance purposes.  "We make our own people go first in any major project," says Manderick.  "That gives us a round of real world testing before we move to other locations."

Scripps, Ellis, Lindley, Smith, Martzolff and Jefferson all are scheduled to begin receiving their upgrades in November.

Below the ground, OIT technicians have begun installing high capacity fiber optic bundles to connect the university's core with surrounding buildings.  

Once the NextGen upgrade is completed, all buildings on all campuses will have 100 Mbps wired Ethernet to the desktop and high speed, single mode fiber optic connections to the campus network's core.

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