Network Upgrade Schedule: Athens Campus

Below is the prioritized list of Athens campus buildings that are scheduled to receive the NextGen network upgrade.  The list has been sorted based on expected start dates.  Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

HDL and CSC, as OIT locations, will be used as test beds for our upgrade procedures before rolling out to the rest of campus.  After HDL and CSC, all buildings are in order of greatest to least need as approved by the Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC). 


Athens Wired Network
Start Dates

HDL Center completed
CSC completed
Smith completed
Jefferson completed
Ellis Hall completed
Martzolff Hall completed
Lindley Hall completed
Scripps Hall completed
Ridges19 completed
Walter Hall completed
Facilities main building completed
Lasher Hall completed
Hudson completed
Washington completed
Ping Center completed
Hoover completed
Bentley Annex completed
Cady completed
James Hall completed
Gamertsfelder completed
Shively completed
Bromley Hall completed
O'Bleness completed
Boyd completed
Sargent Hall completed
Glidden Hall completed
Perkins completed
Bush completed
Armbruster completed
Bryan completed
Treudley completed
Wray completed
Pickering completed
Dougan completed
True  completed
Haning Hall completed
Foster completed
Radio-Television Building completed
Ryors completed
Crawford completed
Johnson completed
Tiffin completed
Ewing completed
Atkinson completed
Fenzel completed
Mackinnon completed
Weld completed
Peden Stadium completed
Kantner Hall completed
Read completed
Brown completed
MemAud completed
Brough completed
Central Classroom Building completed
Human Resources completed
Biddle completed
Voight completed
Convocation Center completed
Edwards Accelerator Lab completed
Ridges01 (Lin)
Central Food completed
Bird Arena completed
McKee completed
Nelson completed
Stocker Center completed
McGuffey completed
Sing Tao completed
Ridges14 completed
Ridges07 completed
35 Park completed
Konneker completed
Wilson (CG) completed
Aquatic Center completed
Carpenter Shop completed
Heating plant completed
Research and Technology Center completed
Scott Quad completed
Club House completed
Jennings completed
Alden Library completed
Ridges20 completed
Ridges21 completed
Ridges22 completed
Crewson completed
Porter Hall completed
Seigfred Hall completed
Factory Street completed
Ridges10 completed
Ridges27 completed
Gordy completed
Morton Hall completed
Ridges02 completed
Clippinger Laboratories completed
Grosvenor completed
Irvine Hall In Progress
Bentley Hall completed
Ridges37 completed
Lincoln completed
Copeland Hall completed
Old Laundry completed
Ridges08 completed
Ridges38 completed
Innovations completed
Ridges25 (BioTech) completed
Ridges39 completed
Presidents House completed
McCracken Hall completed
Grover Center completed
Parks Hall completed
Chubb Hall completed
Transportation Services completed
Putnam completed
Store Room completed
Ridges33/34 completed
Life Science Research Facility completed
Ridges05 completed
Brown House completed
Wilson (west) completed
Visitors Center completed
BioChem completed
Adams completed
Galbreth Chapel completed
Baker Center (New) completed
Ryors Annex completed
Cutler Hall completed
Yamada House completed
Sculpture Studio completed
Trisolini completed
Corrosion Lab completed
Upper Grounds Maint completed
Lower Grounds completed
Wren Stadium completed
Airport completed
Ridges23 completed
Greenhouse completed
Pruitt Field completed
Zoology Building  completed