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How to Register

Renew or Unregister a device | Web Registration Tool - Devices without web browsers | Bulk Registration for Lab Devices | Troubleshooting | Game console & streaming device instructions

Automatic Registration - Devices with a web browser

 You can automatically register any device that is capable of browsing the web:

  1. Reboot or power your device off and then back on.
  2. Connect your device to the university wired network.
  3. Open a web browser and try to load a page. 
  4. Log in to the resulting Auto-Registration page with your OHIO ID/password and follow the instructions. If you are unable to log in, make sure your browser is set to allow cookies.
  5. After completing the registration, power your device off and back on before trying to use the network. If your browser does not load its normal home page after rebooting, you may have to clear your browser's cache (see the Service Desk home page for instructions on clearing your cache).

If your device has more than one network adapter, then you may have to register it more than once.  For example, a laptop with two wired adapters would require registration twice: once for each wired adapter. Wireless/WiFi adapters do not need to be registered.  The university's wireless network login takes care of that automatically.


Web Registration Tool - Devices with or without web browsers


The Web Registration Tool can be used to register any network device. You will need to know your device's MAC address (see the NetReg FAQ for more info on MAC addresses), and you will need access to a web browser that already has Internet access.

  1. Log into the Web Registration Tool with your OHIO ID and password. If you are unable to log in, make sure your browser is set to allow cookies.
  2. Enter your device's MAC address and a description to help you remember that device (IE, "Apple TV", "xBox Ethernet adapter", etc.) into the appropriate boxes, then click Register and follow the instructions.
  3. When you receive confirmation of your registration, go to the bottom of the page and verify that the MAC address and description are correct.


Renew or Unregister a device

Renew: You can renew a device from any Internet-accessible location:

  1. Log into the Web Registration Tool
  2. Click "Renew" or "Register" next to the device you wish to renew.
    If a device is not eligible for renewal, then the button will not be visible for that device.

Devices with web browsers also can be renewed on the fly. After a device expires:

  1. Connect the expired device to the university wired network
  2. Attempt to load a web page
  3. The registration page should load automatically

Unregister: Before you discard, sell, or loan a device to someone else, you should visit the Web Registration Tool and unregister that device. If your device is lost or stolen, then unregister that device, contact the appropriate authorities, and change your OHIO ID password as soon as possible. 

Bulk Registration for Lab Devices

Faculty and staff who are responsible for large numbers of network devices (computer labs, large research installations, etc.) who do not wish to use the Web Registration Tool or the automated process can place a request with the OIT Service Desk at 740-593-1222 or to register those devices in bulk.

When you contact the Service Desk, provide a spreadsheet (or CSV file) of MAC addresses in the following format (with one line for each device):


where mac_address is the MAC address of the device, username is the OHIO ID of the person responsible for the device and comment is a description of the device that will help you identify the device and distinguish it from other devices you have registered.

Game Console & Entertainment Device Registration Instructions

Most popular game consoles and TV/streaming devices do not support the WPA2 Enterprise security that our main OHIO University wireless network uses.  To connect such a device to the Internet, you should plan on using an Ethernet cable.

Preferred approach: Ethernet
  1. Connect your device to your room's Ethernet jack using an Ethernet cable.
  2. If your device has a built in web browser, open that browser and attempt to load any web page.  Then follow the instructions to complete your registration.
  3. If your device does not have a web browser, use the web registration tool to manually register your device's MAC address.
Ethernet compatible devices

Some of the devices listed below also may work on the OHIO University Guest network; however, we recommend using Ethernet if available.

Device Compatible?
Playstation 4 Yes
xBox One Yes
xBox 360 Yes
Apple TV Yes
Wii U Yes with Ethernet adapter
Fire TV Yes
Fire TV Stick No
Chromecast Yes with Ethernet adapter
Smart TVs Yes if equipped with an Ethernet port
Smart BluRay players Yes if equipped with an Ethernet port
Roku No
Roku 2 Yes
Roku 3 Yes
Roku streaming stick No
Amazon Echo No


Alternate approach: OHIO University Guest wireless

If your device will not work with Ethernet, you can try connecting it to the OHIO University Guest network. Just keep in mind that our Guest wireless tops out at 3 Mbps, so video streaming probably will not work very well on the guest network. 


SYMPTOM: You are unable to get to the Internet on your browser and it does not redirect you to the network registration page.

PROBABLE CAUSE: The DNS settings for your network adapter may be statically set.

ACTION: Ensure the DNS settings for the network adapter are set to "automatically receive from the DHCP server".

SYMPTOM: When entering your credentials on the Login page and submit by clicking "Log In", the login page reappears. 

PROBABLE CAUSE: Cookies are not enabled on the browser.

ACTION: Enable the cookies on the browser under browser settings (Note that this varies from browser to browser).

SYMPTOM: When you enter your credentials on the Login page and hit Enter on the keyboard, you receive the message that says "Make sure that your cookies are enabled…" 

PROBABLE CAUSE: Cookies are either not enabled, or are not submitted properly to the browser. 

ACTION: Refresh or close the browser and try again; click on the "Log In" rather than using "Enter" on the keyboard.

SYMPTOM: After you successfully registered your device, the browser keeps redirecting you to the network registration page that says that your device is successfully registered. 

PROBABLE CAUSE: The device has not been rebooted after registration. 

ACTION: Shut down the device completely and restart it.

SYMPTOM: After registering your device, you can browse the internet but are unable to connect to shared drives or Exchange.

PROBABLE CAUSE: The device has not been rebooted after registration. 

ACTION: Shut down the device completely and restart it.

SYMPTOM: Your browser opens with many browser tabs, but does not display the Network Registration page. 

PROBABLE CAUSE: The network registration page is open but is not on the current tab. 

ACTION: Check each tab to locate the network registration page; or, close the browser and reopen with just one tab.

SYMPTOM: Following the registration process, you see a web page that just has the title "Network Registration." 

PROBABLE CAUSE: Your device is probably registered, but the confirmation screen is not displaying. 

ACTION: Refresh the browser and you should see the message "Your device is successfully registered…"

Printable version of these instructions

If you would like to print the information out on this page for reference while registering a device, use this Printable Quick Start Sheet (PDF).