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Friday, April 22, 2011 

Release Notes 

  • Changed Registrar content to point to emerging services from the Rufus Initiative. In many cases the URLs used are not permanent, so making bookmarks is not recommended at this time. The sites to which they point allow users to determine which service (old or new) they need to access.
  • By request, a minimal (aka rollup) view of the Email Summary Portlet is now available. This approach saves some loading time, about which a number of people have complained. The preview view is still available with all of the usual functionality. You can control how the portlet works by editing the settings. This is the first portlet to receive a minimal view. We expect to tweak it and, as always, feedback and suggestions are appreciated.
  • The Calendar Portlets have all had the Date Picker control hidden by default in order to save space on the screen. If you want to change the date being displayed by a Calendar, you will first have to show the Date Picker.
  • The Weather Portlet had a small change to use a different host for services coming from World Weather Online. This was necessary due to changes being made by the service provider.
  • Combined the Library's links portlet with the Alice portlet to save space on the Academics tab.
  • Made some small tweaks to the site's style to try and compact things a bit.
  • Put some hidden content into place to support the Bursar's cutover of services on May 13-15. No, you can't see it. It's not time yet. Search if you want but I'm telling you it's hidden. No, repeat no. Go bug Blackboard.