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Friday, April 1, 2011 

Release Notes 

  • A number of changes to Registrar content were made in preparation of their migration from the old Informs SIS to the new PeopleSoft SIS.
  • A new "IT Work Orders" portlet now appears on the Help tab. This portlet gives you a summary of your work orders and problem reports with IT services.
  • Calendar portlets now have the option of hiding the big Date-Picker widget. This feature will be enhanced in future releases. Right now it does not remember your preference for showing, or hiding, the widget.
  • OIT users can now see the Change Management calendar on the OIT tab. This calendar feed will also work with the "My Calendar" portlet if you want to blend together several calendars into one combined view.
  • A new report allows the portal administrators to better analyze how folks are customizing the way they use the portal. The code to support this also makes it possible for us to offer a new "Popular Portlets" portlet, which lets you see the most popular portlets that others have added.
  • A prototype PeopleSoft (new Student Information System) portlet is included in the build, but is restricted to testers. This portlet is also not ready for general use, but will eventually feature a user's PeopleSoft checklist.
  • A prototype research portlet is included in the build, but is restricted to testers. This portlet is not quite ready for general use, but will eventually let those involved with research view a summary of their LEO projects.
  • The build includes some new code related to supporting subtabs. No subtabs have been defined yet, but users should note that in some future release we will be significantly modifying the organization of tabs. That effort will force us to reset everyone's layout.
  • A new parking portlet can tell you where to find empty parking spaces. It is able to sort the list of spaces by proximity to your destination. If you enter your parking pass ID number into the portlet it can filter the list so that only lots in which you are allowed to park are included. If you run the portal on your vehicle's GPS navigation system the portlet can provide parking space coordinates allowing turn-by-turn navigation. The RFID feature found in newer hang-tags allows the portal to alert you when your hang-tag is not appropriately displayed. Also, when you are parked in a lot in which you are not allowed to park, the portal can send you an alert whenever a parking attendant enters the lot.
  • We have now integrated the portal with the Ohio Lottery web site. Not only can you use the portal to purchase lottery tickets, but you are given the option of purchasing premium lottery tickets that come with an increased chance of winning. If you do strike it rich, the portal automatically donates a tenth of your winnings back to Ohio University, plus a modest handling fortune for the portal administrators.