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Friday, March 11, 2011 

Release Notes 

  • Added the News tab, primarily for University Communications and Marketing communications, such as Compass.
  • Added the Compass Announcements RSS feed.
  • Added the Compass Accolades RSS feed.
  • Rearranged the Service Desk's help portlet on the Help tab. It now contains links to both the SIS Knowledge Base and OIT's Footprints Knowledge Base.
  • Added a variety of portal-related issue information to the Footprints Knowledge Base.
  • Improved the various PeopleSoft (SIS) portlets to check to see if the browser is configured for US-English because the PeopleSoft application is picky that way. (Read about it in the knowledge base.)
  • Did I mention the knowledge base?
  • Fixed a bug with the mobile layout that prevented navigation to many portlets.
  • Added support for RSS feeds that contain images. This makes the Astronomy Picture of the Day, Dilbert and XKCD portlets possible, as well as any other image-based feed.
  • Improved RSS feed error handling behind the scenes. The portal no longer wastes time trying to chew on a feed that did not load.
  • Improved the layout of RSS feeds that send author data.
  • Improved the email summary portlet to block yet another portlet-crashing transaction by IE6. I think that's enough, Goldfinger, you've made your point.
  • Expanded the size of the feedback area to take better advantage of the size of the portlet. Also changed the wording for anonymous feedback in hopes that people will decide to not be anonymous so much. Folks are leaving anonymous feedback that is not specific enough for me to correct, so I cannot help them out and I cannot ask follow-up questions.
  • Removed a few unused portlets and support for authentication systems that were not in use. Mostly this just makes life a little easier on developers.