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Friday, February 11, 2011 

Release Notes 

  •  Added an ALICE portlet that can tell you about what books you have checked out, when they are due back, and more. Students can find this on the Academics tab. Faculty can find this on the Research tab.
  • Separated the content on the Services tab into two tabs: Involvement and Resources. This was a suggestion from a student focus group.
  • Separated the emergency contact information from a services portlet and made Emergency Contact portlets appropriate for each campus (not just Athens), prominently placed them and locked them down so they cannot be removed.
  • Retooled the Welcome portlet for the Services tab into a portlet for the entire portlet and moved it to the Home tab. This portlet is meant to be deleted after it conveys the basics of how to use the portal.
  • Added a Help tab to contain... help. This was a suggestion from a student focus group.
  • Retooled the About portlet to just contain the information needed by the Service Desk when you have problems. This portlet was moved from the My Page tab to the Help tab.
  • Added a Second Life links portlet that can take your avatar to destinations around the Ohio University Second Life campus.
  • Brutally squashed a bug, with extreme prejudice, that would crash the Email Preview portlet when IE6 users would undertake certain actions. IE6 be d'eVil!
  • Modified the Email Preview portlets to try and keep them from blocking user activity before they load.
  • Modified the Email Preview portlets to try and improve the error messages. We know there are folks having problems with the summaries beyond authentication, and we're trying to isolate those issues. They're not all easy to fix, your patience and error reports are appreciated.
  • Darkened the site's font a little. Some folks have reported there isn't enough contrast. Let us know what you think. We can darken it more. We're not sure how heavy-handed to be with the crayon.
  • Removed the Customize interface. Most of the customization features are available in other, safer, forms and the Customize interface has a number of flaws that were allowing folks to really mess up their interfaces in exciting and inventive, yet puzzling and frustrating, ways.
  • Added a missing name parameter to all of the RSS feeds. Now when a feed fails to parse the feed data, it won't say "null" in the error message. You will still see the error message, but we're working on that.