OIT Tech 32px

Friday, October 8, 2010 

Release Notes 

  • Added the Campus Events RSS feed to provide a 3-day view of the Campus Events from the Ohio University Front Door.
  • Added The Post Twitter feed.
  • Added the Alden Library Twitter feed.
  • Added the Library's Video Help feed.
  • Added the Provost's Blog RSS feed.
  • Added the Ohio University Bobcat Athletics Twitter feed.
  • Added the City of Athens Twitter feed.
  • Changed the link to PeopleSoft to be deeper within the Student Center.
  • Improved the Blackboard portlets to tolerate when the Blackboard service does not respond. We are still working on the Blackboard portlets, so you probably cannot yet use them.
  • Fixed the "Perferences" typo in the News Reader Portlet. We cannot believe other people did not see the beauty of this alternative spelling.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error that Internet Explorer users might have noticed. (script.parentNode is null or not an object)
  • Removed the redundant Home link from the top of the interface.
  • Fixed a missing image problem in the default skin.
  • Moved the portal to a /portal multi-level context to support the Identity Management project's single sign-on efforts.
  • Implemented a DB server check utility that will keep the portal from coming up before the database services are available. In a race, the portal always comes up before the database, leaving the portal in a lonely, quivering, and unresponsive state.
  • Changed 'Username' to 'OHIO ID' on login forms.
  • Changed PeopleSoft URL.