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Friday, September 17, 2010 

Release Notes 

  • The News Reader Portlet (Used for RSS Feeds) has several new features. Now you can control how many stories are shown, how they are shown, and how they act on a portlet by portlet basis.
  • The Catmail (Outlook Live) portlet can now handle authentication failures and prompt you for your Catmail password. Previously, the portal incorrectly assumed Catmail passwords were always identical to OHIO ID passwords.
  • The Academic Calendar portlet is now available. It contains five calendar feeds from the Registrar including: Academic Calendar, Summer Academic Calendar, Family Weekends Calendar, Orientation Calendar, and the Residential Housing Calendar.
  • The Ohio University Calendar of Events is now available as a calendar feed and as an RSS feed. This is the big calendar from the Ohio University Front Door. Thanks to Dave Hannum for fleshing out support for this content.
  • The "My Calendar" portlet is now available and aware of the new calendar feeds listed above. Clever users can mix and match all of the available feeds into one calendar and even mix in some personal calendars, such as from Google.
  • All of the Calendar portlets are somewhat experimental at this point. We are still testing them and there are some known quirks, but they're stable enough that folks can be trying them out.
  • Exposed the announcements administration portlet for future widespread use. This portlet lets us distribute announcement creation, editing, and publishing across many different categories. We are still evaluating this portal feature.
  • Fixed a bug in the "About" portlet so that it will now show the correct server IP address, rather than just the requested host name. This is a feature used in debugging problems that is handy to the service desk and your friendly neighborhood portal administrator.
  • Enabled Outlook Calendar compatibility options in the JASIG Calendar portlet. This patch to the JASIG Calendar makes the Academic Calendar portlet possible.
  • Patched a flaw in the JASIG Calendar portlet configuration interface. This patch fixes a portal administrator annoyance.
  • The portal has been integrated with Syslog. This allows us better logging of system events.
  • The portal has been integrated with Security Information Management, allowing us to associate portal events with security events on other systems. Big Brother is watching.
  • Adjusted our configuration with Active Directory in preparation for a change coming for that service.
  • Updated Tomcat to version 6.0.29.