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The Chillicothe Campus is currently experiencing issues with the Telephone System.  Users are unable to make long distance and other off-campus calls. On-campus calls are still in order. Horizon technicians are working on the issue and will restore the system to full service as quickly as possible.


Friday, August 13, 2010 

Release Notes 

  • Friday the 13th - The Jason Voorhees portal release.
  • Added peopleSoft-admissions JSP to OhioLinksPortlet. This new portlet will appear on the My Applications tab. It is functionally identical to the PeopleSoft portlet, but it has different text.
  • Added text and link to the Library Information portlet on the Academics tab. The link is to the 'Ask a Librarian' live chat.
  • Added an 'Ask a Librarian' live chat portlet. This portlet will not be added to any tab, but will be available for you to include as you wish. It can also be accessed via the 'use it now' feature. Now you don't have to leave the portal to ask your friendly neighborhood librarian for the GNP of Brazil.
  • Adding three Blackboard portlets. The Blackboard 'courses' and 'announcements' portlets will appear on the Academics tab. The 'organizations' portlet will appear on the Services tab.
  • A bug fix for the Campus Alerts feature is being applied. This should address layout issues as well as timeout issues.
  • The email preview portlet will now cache its content, which should save lead to faster page loads. The refresh button should now work. This release does NOT fix password issues between the the My OHIO portal and CatMail.
  • The Feedback Portlet now restricts feedback to 500 characters. You can no longer write us long letters or book chapters and then mess up the administrator's display.
  • A bug with the SiteMap has been fixed so that if you navigate from the SiteMap to a tab, you are no longer hopelessly trapped on one tab with no possibility for escape.
  • Several people commented that sometimes web cams do not update. The Athens campus web cam freezes up by itself and it isn't the portal's fault. The airport web cam is not set up such that the portal can follow it, so you will only get the most current picture from the airport.
  • The Scalia Labs Webcam is now available. You can watch the weather and for your friends going to Ping Center.
  • A link to Student Legal Services has been added to the Services tab right next to the Student Handbook.