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Your feedback about the My OHIO portal is welcomed. If you hate it, that's okay. Just tell us why and maybe we can improve it. If you want to leave feedback, you have several options:

  • Use the Feedback portlet on the Home tab of My OHIO.
  • Contact Mark Mace at macem@ohio.edu or 740.593.0641.
Anonymous Feedback

The Feedback portlet allows you to leave anonymous feedback. We think this is important. It lets some people tell us how they really feel, and that's great. One of the tragedies we see though is that somebody leaves anonymous feedback about a problem our software is causing, and we could solve it for them... if we knew who they were.

Responses to Anonymous Feedback

My 'My OHIO' portal doesn't have an Academics tab.

That's likely a problem with your account and it might affect more than your use of My OHIO. We could fix it if we knew who you were.

Logging into each little web service is a pain in the... 

Yes it is. There is a project underway to offer "single sign-on" and My OHIO is one of many services that will participate. Expect single sign-on to slowly, service-by-service, become available.