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MyOHIO Features


Many different people use My OHIO, and there are features that let each person customize their layout to be what they want. Keep the good stuff and throw away the stuff that is not important to you. Be yourself, not just xx999999. Each person can:

  • Add portlets
  • Remove portlets
  • Move portlets
  • Add tabs

Some portlets allow you to customize their behavior.


A notifications feature is currently being developed. This feature will highlight tabs that contain portlets that need to get your attention. This feature is to be restricted to only items that affect your enrollment at Ohio University. So the ultimate goal is that upon logging into My OHIO, at a glance, you can find the really important stuff.

Single Sign-on

My OHIO will be integrated into a single sign-on solution that is under development. This means you will be able to navigate from My OHIO to other services, such as the new Student Information System and Blackboard without having to login again, and again, and again...


My OHIO is one of the first services to work on your iPhone or Android phone. This is a newer feature, and it has some quirks, but we're working on it. We expect it to evolve to where you can use your phone to check on things from anywhere.