Multi-factor Authentication

Depending on your role at the university and the systems or data you have access to, you may be asked to use multi-factor authentication when signing into those systems. 

Image showing the OHIO login page with a Duo confirmation prompt on a smartphone superimposedHow it works and why it improves security

Multi-factor authentication turns your OHIO login into a two step process using a service called Duo Security:

  1. Enter your OHIO ID and password.
  2. Confirm your login using one of these methods:
    • Duo Security mobile app
    • Automated phone call to a telephone number you set up in advance

Because a successful multi-factor login requires both a correct password and access to a specific telephone or mobile device, it makes it much harder for a cyber attacker to use a lost or stolen password to access your account. 

Who needs to use multi-factor?

Multi-factor authentication eventually will be required for all core university systems, but it is being rolled out in a phased approach.

Current coverage

  • IT staff - all systems
  • Oracle e-Business
  • My Personal Information
  • PeopleSoft
  • MyOHIO Sucess Network (Starfish)
  • Faculty & Advising Center
  • OBI Reporting