Ohio University

Service Level Agreement: Telephone

Service Description

OHIO's network-based telephone system provides local and long distance voice and video calling. This service is available to all faculty and administrative staff.

Service offerings


Telephone provides a basic, network-attached video telephone device with voicemail, phone directory, web or email-based telephone/voicemail management, local/long distance calling, and most international calling. A small number of rarely used, high cost international long distance locations are not included in this service due to cost.


The technology that supports the Telephone service, including long distance, is a common good service. Additional telephones are the responsibility of the customer/building or renovation project.

Customers are responsible for obtaining third party calling cards for long distance locations not included in the service.

The following one-time costs apply for new phones. An active network jack is required to use the phone:

  • Basic Phone or Standard Phone - $40
  • Advanced Phone (WiFi Desk Phone) - $290
  • Analog Line - $450
  • Conference Phone - $525
  • WiFi Mobile Phone - $375

View features of available phones.

Departments can relocate existing telephone devices at their discretion and at no cost, provided the new location has an active network port, and the department moves and reconnects the phone.

OIT will replace equipment that has failed due to manufacturer defect at no charge. Customers are responsible for costs associated with repairing equipment, cabling, or other infrastructure when physical damage occurs.

Resource Management

Telephones that are inactive for 180 days will be disabled and telephone numbers may be reallocated to new locations where there is demand. There is no charge to reactivate an existing handset.


Telephone service is available to all faculty and staff.

Call Center Management

Call Center Management provides the ability to distribute calls automatically among a specified group of people to manage large call volumes and/or to direct calls to the most appropriate person by allowing callers to respond to automated attendant menu prompts.


Call Center services are billed as cost recovery.

Initial design, setup and future changes to a Call Center are billed at time and materials.

Ongoing cost is $38 per Call Center agent handset per month

Resource Management

Not applicable, service is 100% cost recovery.


Faculty and staff may request Call Center services.

On-line FAX

Allows users to send and receive FAX documents through a Web portal (fax.ohio.edu) and/or email. Outgoing fax capability is already enabled for all eligible customers. Incoming fax capability is available upon request.


This service offering is a common good service, and no charges apply.

Resource Management

On-Line FAX is accessible without limitation. Because there is minimal incremental cost, no sophisticated resource management strategy is required.


Faculty and staff.

Phone Call Recording

Provides automated call recording capabilities for quality of service monitoring and research data collection purposes.


This is a cost recovery service and is billed at a rate of $50 per month for each telephone number recorded.

Resource Management

Not applicable, service is 100% cost recovery.


Faculty and staff may request Call Recording services.

Service hours and availability

Telephone service and its underlying offerings are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The comprehensive uptime will be 99.7% and is inclusive of both planned and unplanned customer facing service interruption and or degradation. Service interruptions affecting less than 1% of phones / analog lines will not be accounted for in the uptime figure. Not more than 10 hours of unplanned downtime will occur during a FY and not in any continuous span of time longer than 5 hours. Events like power outages that are outside the influence of OIT will not be counted toward uptime but will be recorded and reported.

Response and resolution commitments

Users will receive an email notification immediately after submission of an Incident or Service Request indicating receipt of that request.

Response and Resolution Time*
Priority Code Priority Response Time Resolution Time
1 Critical 30 Minutes 4 Hours
2 High 4 Hours 1 Business Day**
3 Medium 1 Business Day 3 Business Days
4 Low 3 Business Days 7 Business Days
5 Planning 3 Business Days As Planned

*Regional campus response and resolution times may be longer if a technician needs to be dispatched from a different campus.

**Business Days are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding University holidays.

Maintenance Schedule

All maintenance downtime will be scheduled per the OIT Change Management process during an appropriate change window. Please refer to the Maintenance Windows page for additional details.


This section outlines how we will measure and report each commitment made in this SLA.

Overall service availability/uptime: Within 3 business days after each SLA impacting event is resolved the service owner will publish a short, IT Leadership Team-approved report on the OIT Status Page detailing the duration of the event, the reason for the event, the resolution of the event, and the volume of customers impacted by the event. The total amount of downtime will be subtracted from the FY uptime to date and published on the OIT site.

Performance expectations: Quarterly or more frequent analysis will be conducted showing how each performance metric is succeeding or otherwise. An abbreviated result will be published to the OIT website showing progress over time with IT Leadership Team approval.