Ohio University

Improving Wi-Fi: Replacing "OHIO University" wi-fi with eduroam

To provide a better wi-fi experience for faculty, staff and students, OIT will retire the OHIO University network name in favor of eduroam at the end of spring semester. Eduroam is just as fast and secure as OHIO University with the added benefit of free wi-fi at hundreds of universities across the world

If you have any computers, phones or tablets that connect to the OHIO University wi-fi, we recommend switching to eduroam before the end of the semester. You will receive periodic email reminders about this change as long as you still have devices that connect to "OHIO University." 

What’s in a name? 

Eduroam is a worldwide consortium of colleges, universities and research institutions who have agreed to let each other’s faculty, staff and students access campus wi-fi while traveling. To make roaming easy, all member schools use the same network name: eduroam. When OHIO first joined the consortium in 2015, the concept of worldwide roaming was still new, so we chose to configure eduroam in parallel with our existing OHIO University network name. That way if the service did not catch on, OHIO users would not have to update their network settings. Since then, it has become clear that eduroam is the way to go. 

In practical terms, eduroam and OHIO University are the same network. Both operate on the same wireless frequencies, use the same equipment, and provide the same speed and security. The only difference is roaming. If you connect a computer, tablet or phone to eduroam on any of OHIO’s campuses, you can take that device to any participating eduroam institution anywhere in the world and connect to that school’s wi-fi automatically. 

Reasons for the change 

We have committed to using eduroam as our primary wi-fi network name for several reasons: 

  • Ease of use – Having fewer network names means less confusion and easier roaming.
  • Better performance – The eduroam and OHIO University network names currently share the same wireless frequencies. Moving to a single network name will let us improve coverage and speed.
  • Worldwide wi-fi – As noted above, eduroam lets you use your OHIO login to connect to wi-fi at participating institutions worldwide. Making eduroam our default network name makes wi-fi access seamless: if you travel to another eduroam institution, your devices will connect automatically.

How to Switch

  1. Go to your device’s wi-fi or network settings. 
  2. Choose eduroam from the list of available wi-fi networks. 
  3. When prompted to login, enter your full OHIOID@ohio.edu email address as your username and your normal OHIO password.  
  4. Once you are connected to eduroam, return to your device’s wi-fi or network settings and delete the OHIO University and OHIO University Guest networks from your list of preferred or “auto-join” networks. 

Device registration still available 

This change only affects computers, tablets, phones and other devices that support WPA2 Enterprise logins. To connect game consoles, TVs, streaming devices, smart speakers and personal wireless printers, please use the wireless device registration tool.

If you have any questions, contact the IT Service Desk.