Ohio University

Connect to Wi-Fi

Faculty, staff and students: Computers, phones and tabletsGame consoles, TVs, streaming sticks, smart speakers, printers, etc.

General Public: Guest network instructions

Eduroam: Computers, phones and tablets

Eduroam is OHIO's preferred wi-fi for students, faculty, staff, emeriti, and sponsored guests. It's fast, secure, and includes free roaming. A Device Registration tool is available for devices that do not support eduroam.

  1. Setup can be completed from anywhere with an active internet connection.
    • If you are on campus, and your device is not already connected to the Internet, go to your device's Wi-Fi settings and choose the eduroam network.
    • Log in with your full OHIO email address and OHIO password.
      If prompted to continue connecting, choose Connect.
  2. Download and run the Ohio University CAT tool
  3. When prompted for your eduroam username and password, enter your full OHIO email address (not just your OHIO ID) and your OHIO password.
  4. Your device is now configured for eduoram. Any time you are on an OHIO campus or another participating eduroam school campus, your device will connect automatically.

A note about the "OHIO University" network

You may notice a W-Fi network called OHIO University in your list of available networks. This network name will be phased out in summer 2019 in favor of eduroam. If you currently are using the OHIO University network, we recommend following the steps above to install eduroam. Eduroam is just as fast as OHIO University and has the added benefit of worldwide roaming. Once you have installed eduroam, you should go into your device's network settings and "forget" the OHIO University network.

Fixing dropped connections on a Mac

If your Mac randomly drops its wireless connection, first make sure you are using eduroam. If installing eduroam and forgetting the OHIO University network does not fix the issue, follow these steps to update your Mac's trust settings.


Device Registration

Personal routers are not allowed on our network. Follow the steps below to connect a device that does not work with eduroam (TV, game console, smart speaker, streaming device, wireless printer, etc.):

  1. You will need to know your device's MAC Address.
  2. Using a computer, phone, tablet or other browser-equipped device that is already connected to our eduroam wi-fi, log into wireless.ohio.edu.
  3. Follow the prompts to register your device(s). You can register as many devices as you like.
  4. Once you have registered a device, connect it to the Ohio University Guest wi-fi.
    Registered devices are exempt from the guest network's bandwidth restrictions. 

Printable Device Registration instructions (PDF)

Connection instructions for the general public

  1. Go to your wireless settings and connect to the OHIO University Guest network.
  2. In the Guests section, accept the terms and conditions.

No login is required. Keep in mind that this connection is low speed and will not allow you to access on-campus services like printing, wireless display projection, and shared network drives. If you need a faster connection or access to such services and you are not eligible for eduroam, you will need someone to sponsor your access.