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Classroom Improvement Initiative

OIT, in partnership with the Classroom Taskforce, has started a major refresh and reconfiguration of technology across all centrally managed classrooms. The taskforce also includes representation from the Office of Instructional Innovation, Registrar, faculty, Capital Planning, and Design & Architecture. Our aim is to enhance the teaching and learning mission of the University as we engage today’s learner and plan for the future Ohio student.


This refresh will be done in phases to enable technology maintenance and management of Ohio central classrooms to be placed on a 5-year lifecycle management plan. The phased approach will enable Ohio classrooms to become more active and flexible in design, technology, and support. The 5-year lifecycle plan also aligns central classrooms technology with broader Ohio University strategic initiatives.

The first phase of this refresh will involve the technology refresh of 70 classroom spaces across the Athens campus during the 2019-20 academic year.

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Goals and Benefits

This multi-year project will reconfigure classroom technologies in all centrally managed OHIO learning spaces. For the 2019-20 academic year, selected classrooms in Bentley, Glidden, Gordy, Grover, and Morton halls will have their technology packages and, in some cases, their furniture updated. 

The upgrade will feature a number of benefits, including:

  • A new computer
  • Height-adjustable lecterns
  • External speakers
  • Flat screen display or projector with wireless display capabilities

All old equipment will be removed. If you need to play DVD or VHS titles that are not available online from the University Libraries, please contact the IT Service Desk to request a DVD/VHS player in your room. 



Modern, flexible learning spaces with updated technology support diverse styles of pedagogy and learning. Additionally, this effort will establish a 5-year maintenance lifecycle, aligning OHIO classroom technology and management with industry best practices. Having a predictable timeline for technology refreshes will help OHIO departments and other users of classroom spaces in their planning and expectations for these spaces.


Technology demands continue to increase each year. Faculty, staff, and students expect our classroom equipment to facilitate their teaching, learning, and research needs. We cannot continue to meet those expectations with equipment that is reaching the end of its useful life.

Our commitment to you

The classroom refresh is a large project that will span multiple fiscal years and there may be service disruptions. Please bear with us. We make the following commitment to you, the faculty, staff, and students of Ohio University:

  • We will respect your work. Whenever possible, we will schedule updates during times of low demand, and we will keep the University's academic and administrative calendars in mind as we plan our work.
  • We will minimize the impact. Changes that may require a classroom to be unavailable for an extended period of time will receive close scrutiny. Given a choice between more effort for us or less impact for you, we will choose the former.
  • We will communicate. You will always know in advance what we plan to do and when we plan to do it. A schedule of current and upcoming classroom updates will be updated as work is completed.