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Metrics and Reporting

Fall Semester 2020

Phone & Chat Support

Pie chart of customer effort, summarized below.
Customer support efforts resulted in 992 chats and 12,351 phone calls with an average of 6 minutes and 54 seconds per phone call.


Pie chart of customer experience surveys, summarized below.
Customer service experience surveys indicated 41 promoters, 2 passive and 4 detractors according to the Net Promoter System


Pie chart of phone response times, summarized below.
Phone call response times resulted in a total of 12,312 calls answered in 60 seconds or less and a total of 132 calls abandoned after 60 seconds. 


Service Request & Incident Resolution

Pie chart of incident resolution, summarized below
92.85% of incidents (3,469 total) were resolved within the Operating Level Agreement (OLA), while 267 incidents were resolved outside the OLA.


Pie chart of total tickets, summarized below
Total tickets completed were 12,105 service requests and 3,740 Incidents.


Bar graph of most common incidents, summarized below.
The most common incidents were 1,691 account issues, 546 Blackboard issues, 333 spam/phishing incidents, 331 compromised accounts and 159 departmental issues.


Bar graph of most common service requests, summarized below
Most common service requests were 2,840 account requests, 2,217 Bobcat Depot requests, 947 Blackboard requests, 854 Microsoft Teams requests and 493 Departmental requests.