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Guest Accounts

eduroam WiFi access - individual

WHO: current students, faculty & staff from any participating eduroam institution
WHAT: Wireless network access
HOW LONG: indefinite
HOW MANY: Yourself


  1. Connect to the "eduroam" WiFi network.
  2. Log in using your home institution email address and password.

Sponsored network access - individual

WHO: Sponsored individuals who are not eligible for eduroam
WHAT: Wired and wireless network access
HOW LONG: Up to 30 days, renewable by your sponsor
HOW MANY: Yourself

HOW TO USE: (Click for printable instructions...)

  1. Individual network accounts are for guests who have an established relationship with an OHIO student, faculty or staff member. We strongly recommend contacting your sponsor before your visit.
  2. Ask your sponsor to agree to the sponsor terms (see below) if they haven't already done so.
  3. Fill out an online guest account request. (You can do this step ahead of your visit or after you arrive.)
  4. Your sponsor will receive an email asking them to approve or deny your request.
  5. Once your sponsor approves your request, your account will be ready.
  6. When you arrive on campus, use your guest account credentials to connect to the OHIO University Guest WiFi network.


Students can sponsor up to 5 individuals at a time. There is no limit on the number of individuals an employee can sponsor. We strongly recommend only sponsoring individuals who you personally know - when you sponsor someone, you are taking responsibility for their use of our network.

  1. If you haven't already done so, agree to the sponsor terms. You only need to do this the first time you sponsor an account (click for printable instructions...):
    1. Log in to Guest Network Registration.
    2. Click Manage Sponsorships.
    3. Agree to the terms.
    4. If a guest tries to request access before you have agreed to the terms, they will receive an error.
  2. When your guest requests sponsored access, you will receive an email asking you to approve or deny their request. Follow the steps in the email to do so.

You also can use the Guest Network Registration tool to renew or deactivate a sponsored account (click for printable instructions...).

If you need to manage an old style wireless guest account, you can log in to the old guest management tool here. To access the old tool from off campus, use the VPN.

Group event WiFi voucher codes

WHO: Groups who need WiFi access
WHAT: Wireless network access
HOW LONG: Up to 30 days
HOW MANY: Unlimited


Voucher codes typically are issued as part of event or conference registration. If you do not have a voucher code, contact your event organizer.

  1. Connect to the OHIO University Guest network.
  2. When the login screen appears, click the link to redeem a voucher code.


Any current employee can create WiFi voucher codes (click for printable instructions...)

  1. Log in to Guest Network Registration.
  2. Go to the Voucher tab.
  3. Follow the instructions to create your voucher code.
  4. Distribute the code to your guests.

You also can use the Guest Network Registration tool to deactivate or change the expiration date on an exisiting code. (click for printable instructions...)

Long term OHIO account

WHO: Long term guests, including employees who are not paid through the university's Payroll Department
WHAT: Privileges can include network access, library access, Exchange email, Blackboard, CommonSpot, and other academic/administrative services as appropriate
HOW LONG: Up to 1 year, regularly renewable. Renewal notices are not sent automatically. It is the responsibility of the guest and sponsor to keep track of the account expiration date.
HOW MANY: Variable

HOW TO APPLY: Long term OHIO accounts can be requested online by the sponsoring OHIO faculty/staff member:

Zane State wireless

WHO: Zane State students who need access to the wireless network
WHAT: Wireless access on the Zane State campus

HOW TO APPLY: Contact the Zane State Helpdesk at 740-588-1327 to request an account.

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