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The Chillicothe Campus is currently experiencing issues with the Telephone System.  Users are unable to make long distance and other off-campus calls. On-campus calls are still in order. Horizon technicians are working on the issue and will restore the system to full service as quickly as possible.

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Guest Account Requests

eduroam WiFi | Short term network - individual | Medium term network - group & individual | Long term OHIO account | Zane State  

eduroam WiFi access - individual

WHO: current students, faculty & staff from any participating eduroam institution
WHAT: Wireless network access
HOW LONG: indefinite
HOW MANY: Yourself

HOW TO APPLY: Connect to the "eduroam" wireless network and log in using your home institution email address and password.

Short term network - individual

WHO: Sponsored individuals who need network access for 9 days or less
WHAT: Wired and wireless network access
HOW LONG: 3 days, renewable 2 times for a total of 9 days
HOW MANY: Up to 5 guests per faculty/staff sponsor

HOW TO APPLY: Individual network guest accounts can be created online by the sponsoring OHIO faculty/staff member:

Medium term network - group & individual

WHO: Large groups, or sponsored individuals who need network access for longer than 9 days
WHAT: Wired and wireless network access
HOW LONG: Up to 31 days, renewable once for a total of up to 62 days
HOW MANY: Up to 100 groups per faculty/staff sponsor. Each group may contain from 1 to 1000 individuals.

HOW TO APPLY: Medium-term group network accounts can be created online by the sponsoring OHIO faculty/staff member:

  • Create/Manage group network guest accounts (OHIO faculty/staff login required)

    • OHIO faculty/staff login required.

    • Management link (above) is only accessible from on-campus. If you need to sponsor a guest or manage existing guest accounts from off-campus, please use the VPN.

Long term OHIO account

WHO: Long term guests, including employees who are not paid through the university's Payroll Department
WHAT: Privileges can include network access, library access, Exchange email, Blackboard, CommonSpot, and other academic/administrative services as appropriate
HOW LONG: Up to 1 year, regularly renewable. Renewal notices are not sent automatically. It is the responsibility of the guest and sponsor to keep track of the account expiration date.
HOW MANY: Variable

HOW TO APPLY: Long term OHIO accounts can be requested online by the sponsoring OHIO faculty/staff member:

Zane State wireless

WHO: Zane State students who need access to the wireless network
WHAT: Wireless access on the Zane State campus

HOW TO APPLY: Contact the Zane State Helpdesk at 740-588-1327 to request an account.


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