Guest Accounts

Open Wifi Network

WHO: Any University Guest who is not eligible for eduroam
WHAT: Unsecured wireless network access
HOW LONG: indefinite
HOW MANY: Yourself


  1. Connect to the "Ohio University Guest" WiFi network.
  2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of Network use.


  • 3 Mbps maximum speed
  • Cannot be used to access services that are restricted to campus network users (printers, AirMedia displays, departmental shared drives, etc.) 
  • If you need higher performance or access to campus-only services, a current employee will need to sponsor your access.

eduroam WiFi access - individual

WHO: current students, faculty & staff from any participating eduroam institution
WHAT: Wireless network access
HOW LONG: indefinite
HOW MANY: Yourself


  1. Connect to the "eduroam" WiFi network.
  2. Log in using your home institution email address and password.

Long term OHIO account

WHO: Long term guests, including employees who are not paid through the university's Payroll Department
WHAT: Privileges can include network access, library access, Exchange email, Blackboard, CommonSpot, and other academic/administrative services as appropriate
HOW LONG: Up to 1 year, regularly renewable. Renewal notices are not sent automatically. It is the responsibility of the guest and sponsor to keep track of the account expiration date.
HOW MANY: Variable

HOW TO APPLY: Long term OHIO accounts can be requested online by the sponsoring OHIO faculty/staff member:

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