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Service Level Agreement: Teaching & Learning

Service Description

The Teaching and Learning Service provides training, support, and access to technology tools that support instructors, students, and staff in their teaching and learning activities. 

Service Offerings

This is not a comprehensive list. For more details on these service offerings, visit the OIT Service Catalog and the full Teaching & Learning Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS is a teaching, learning, community building, and knowledge sharing application. OHIO's LMS tool is Blackboard Learn.

Collaborative Feedback Tool

OHIO’s collaborative feedback tool enables users to upload, share, and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files, and videos. The tool provides an environment for creating, posting, and accessing interactive, multimedia presentations and for permitting users to comment on these presentations using text, audio, video, or digital ink. OHIO’s collaborative feedback tool is VoiceThread.

Plagiarism Detection Tool

OHIO’s plagiarism detection tool checks submitted documents against its database and the content of other websites to identify plagiarism and reports results back to students and faculty. This service is available through the LMS as well as a standalone software application. OHIO's preferred LMS also offers a built-in solution for academic integrity checks through SafeAssign. OHIO’s plagiarism detection tool is Turnitin.

Student Response and Online Course Delivery Tool

OHIO’s student response system utilizes students' personal devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops), and interactive slides to facilitate classroom discussions, track attendance, and conduct real time polls or quizzes. OHIO’s student response system application is Top Hat.

Lecture Capture

OHIO’s lecture capture application provides the ability to record lectures, edit, stream, and archive instructional content in video and audio formats. OHIO’s lecture capture application is Panopto. For more streaming and video storage options, please see the Video Service Level Agreement.

Digital Course Materials

The Digital Course Materials service offering uses technology tools that enable access to affordable course materials for students. There are two different focus areas supported in this service offering: inclusive access and OER (open educational resources). OHIO’s digital course materials/inclusive access management platform is VitalSource.

Instructional Technology Consultation Service

The Instructional Technology Service Offering offers a consultative approach to support our campus stakeholders in academic technology tool research and selection, course development and maintenance support, new academic technology rollouts to campus, course audio and video production, interactive learning content support, and creating pedagogically sound teaching and learning environments.

Course Production Support Service

The Course Production Support service offering provides course development, redesign, and maintenance support by course quality checks, syllabus and schedule updates, course module development, course copies, and course link updates.

Service Hours and Availability

Support for all Teaching & Learning Service offerings is available Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm ET (“normal business hours”), exclusive of OHIO holidays, with response and resolution times as described in the OIT Service Desk Operational Level Agreement (OLA).