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Service Level Agreement: Internet

Service description

OIT provides wired and wireless access to the OHIO network and to the Internet for digital devices located on campus.

For additional information including costs and eligibility please review the full Service Level Agreement: Internet

Service offerings

Wireless network

The wireless network provides wireless access to the OHIO network and the Internet. Wireless coverage will be provided within interior University spaces that are utilized by one or more customers at least 10% of the time. Wireless coverage will be provided outdoors within 50 feet of a University building or in exterior spaces where specifically designated. OIT will maintain a map of covered areas published online for public view. Wireless services will be presented as two networks: "eduroam” and "OHIO University Guest." 

Wired network

The wired network provides hard-wired jacks to connect customers to the OHIO network and the internet. Network connections physically installed prior to 2009 will at least be 100 Mbps. Those installed after 2009 will be 1000 Mbps. 

Connectivity to the OHIO network (Inter-campus WAN)

To access many services provided by OIT including telephone, wireless , and wired internet, a site must be connected to the OHIO network. The Inter-campus WAN service offering connects remote sites not on the Athens Campus to the OHIO network so customers at those sites may take full advantage of services delivered over the network. 

Remote Network Access (VPN)

OIT provides fast, secure, off-campus access to online resources such as remote desktop, remote printing, or shared network storage that normally would require you to be connected to the on-campus network.

Network security (Firewalls, access control etc.)

OIT segregates the network into "zones" designed for common network use cases such as general computing and research. Access to these zones will be limited based on the use case to avoid undue risk of inappropriate access or use. Compromised devices and/or user accounts that may pose a risk to other network users will be isolated from the network.

Domain name management (DNS)

The, (deprecated), and all subdomains ( are provisioned and managed by OIT in accordance with information security standards.

IP address management

All IP address space, including provisioning of dynamic IP and reserved (formerly static) addresses on the OHIO network, will be managed by OIT. The service will automatically provide dynamic IP addresses to devices connected to the network. Reserved (formerly static) addresses can be provided when a use case requires a reserved address in alignment with our network management standard.

Internet bandwidth

Through the OHIO network, OIT provides access to the internet. No limitation on the speed of customer's access to the internet or the amount of data a customer can use will be applied beyond the practical speed of the connection of the device to the OHIO network and/or services used. 

Service hours and availability

Support for all Internet Service offerings are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET (“normal business hours”), exclusive of OHIO holidays, with response and resolution times as described in the OIT Service Desk Operational Level Agreement (OLA).