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Service Level Agreement: Financial Systems

Service Description

The Financial Systems Service supports OHIO's financial administrative staff with accounting & transactions, eProcurement, purchasing card (PCard) travel & expense, and vendor payments. This Service provides hosting, administration, and technical support of various systems including the Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) ERP, BobcatBUY, and Concur.

Service Offerings

Oracle e-Business Suite

Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) is a set of business applications that enable OHIO to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance.

eProcurement: Requisitioning and Purchasing

BobcatBUY is a web-based system that streamlines electronic procurement process including purchasing, payments, and supplier management.

Travel & Expense Reporting

OHIO uses an online system called Concur which allows you to make travel arrangements and submit travel expense reports for review and payment.

Accounts Payable: Purchasing Card

Used to administer payment for products or services via Concur for Purchasing Card (PCard) transactions.

Financial Approvals Management

Financial Approvers and Related Metadata (FARM) is a system used to streamline the management of financial transaction approvals across the University. FARM enables planning unit financial managers and their delegates to centrally maintain who can approve transactions in BobcatBUY and Concur.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) is a web-based reporting system used to support the campus community’s academic and administrative offices. Users have access to several dashboards showing various reports including account segment details, general ledger account balances, and purchasing information.


Use of these Service Offerings is Common Good and does not carry any additional costs.

Service hours and availability

Support for all Financial Systems Service offerings is available Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm ET (“normal business hours”), exclusive of OHIO holidays, with response and resolution times as described in the OIT Service Desk Operational Level Agreement (OLA).

Additional details can be found in the full Financial Systems Service Level Agreement.