How do I share files in Filelocker with someone at Ohio?


This article explains how to share a file with a Ohio University affiliated person via Filelocker.


To share a file with Filelocker, you must first upload a file. See How do I upload a file into Filelocker? to learn how to upload a file into Filelocker.

  1. Once a file has been uploaded, the file will be listed under Uploaded Files.
  2. Click on the down arrow to show file options.
  3. Click the Share This File button within the file options area.
  4. If you know the user alias, then enter it into the text box. Otherwise, click on the Name tab and enter the full name of the person you are attempting to share with. If the name did not appear in the drop list, select Search the entire Ohio University directory checkbox.
  5. Once the targeted user for the share has been found, click on Share.


Other Options


By default, there is an option to notify the user of incoming shares. If this is not desired, deselect the Notify via email checkbox.

The process of selecting a user and then sharing can be repeated multiple times.

Sharing with a group is also an option by selecting the Share with Groups tab. This will only show groups that you have previously created.