How do I share files publicly using Filelocker?


This article explains how to share a file in Filelocker with any person.


In order to access the Filelocker application, you must log in with your Ohio ID login and password. Use your account to login at:

Sharing a file with Filelocker publicly

  1. Once a file has been uploaded, the file will be listed under Uploaded Files.
  2. Click on the down arrow to show file options.
  3. Click the Public Share checkbox within the file options area.
  4. Review your Expiration date, which is set to a 30 days by default. This is the maximum amount of time allowable within Filelocker to be shared publicly.
  5. Enter the email of the person that will receive the share and click the Share button. This will email that user a URL that will allow a one-time access to download. If multiple downloads (from one or many people) are desired, the Allow multiple downloads checkbox will need to be selected. This will also require a password to be created for the share. The password will not be sent through the email, it will need to be communicated by other means.

Other Options

  • A password can be used for a one-time download. As explained, the password will need to be communicated to the user separately.