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Collaboration, Conferencing & Capture Technologies (C3T) facilitate back-and-forth interaction and collaboration among individuals at multiple locations. How would you use these technologies to enhance teaching and learning in your courses? JOIN THE CONVERSATION... Enroll yourself in the C3T Blackboard organization by following the below instructions or emailing c3t@ohio.edu to request enrollment:

Organization Self Enroll Instructions:

1. Login to Blackboard 9.1 http://www.ohio.edu/oit/bbsupport/

2. Click on the My 9.1 Organizations tab.
3. Look to the Organizations Catalog module, then click the Browse Organizations Catalog link.
4. Set the drop-down search fields to "Name" and "Contains" and type the organization's name in the blank field, then click Go.
5. Find the desired organization in the search results list, then click on the gray square icon with double-down arrows, located to the right of the organization's name, to reveal a drop-down menu

6. Select Enroll. 

7. Confirm that the organization is the one you desire to join and click the Submit button.
8. You should receive a confirmation/success message. Click OK.
9. The organization should now be listed in the "My Organizations" module on the "My 9.1 Bb" tab, as well as on the "My 9.1 Organizations" tab.Enter the organization as you would a course
by clicking on the name/link in either of these locations.

Lecture Capture is defined as a solution that captures and records synchronous (classroom-based) or asynchronous (pre-recorded) multimedia activities for immediate and on-demand viewing by Internet attached devices, including but not limited to: tablets, desktop systems and smartphones. Recordings can be done in a fully outfitted classroom or on a laptop in the privacy of a faculty member's office
or home. Lecture capture systems include features such as: editing and annotation, search-ability/indexing and bookmarking, attachment of supplemental materials such as PowerPoint slides, integration with Learning Management Systems, and comprehensive playback controls.

Web Conferencing
is defined as a form of real-time communications in which multiple internet-connected computer users, or remote facilities and classrooms, see the same screen at all times over the internet (through the use of desktop or mobile devices). Some Web conferencing systems include features such as texting, VoIP (voice over IP), integration with Learning Management Systems, and full-motion video, and event capture for later viewing.

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