IMAP and POP settings for Catmail

This page details how to use POP or IMAP with a non-Outlook email client.  We have a separate page for mobile device setup

POP/IMAP Settings

Please be aware that you cannot use IMAP or POP to access your calendar.  If you want access to both email and calendar, we recommend using Outlook, a supported mobile device, or the web.

USERNAME: your OHIO email address ( format)
PASSWORD: your OHIO password

   Server name Port Connection Method
 POP  995  SSL
 IMAP  993  SSL
SMTP  587  TLS

Some POP clients include an option to delete messages from the server either immediately or after a set period of time.  We recommend disabling this feature.  If you enable this feature, you will not be able to see messages via the web or from other computers once your POP client has removed them from the server.

Visit Microsoft's support site for more detailed setup instructions.

Connecting to Gmail

You can use Gmail's Mail Fetcher feature to connect your Catmail to a personal Gmail account.  This only works inside of Gmail's web interface.