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Student Employees

Undergraduate Exchange accounts are intended to support student employees whose job-related tasks include:

  • access to faculty/staff calendars

  • access to faculty/staff shared folders, including departmental email addresses



For example, a student employee may need to schedule meetings for faculty or staff. The student would need an undergraduate Exchange account to do this because permissions to view or schedule calendars (and other mail folders) can only be granted to other Exchange accounts.

Student employees should contact their supervisor if they feel they need Exchange e-mail and calendaring access. Supervisors can contact the OIT Service Desk at 593-1222 to request an Exchange account.

Accessing an Exchange Mailbox

Student employees who receive an Exchange mailbox will receive a separate login and default password for access to their Exchange account. This account is separate from the Outlook Live (CatMail) account which every undergrad student receives.

If a student employee has been given an Exchange mailbox, he/she can access it logging into Outlook Web Access http://mail.ohio.edu using their Exchange credentials. OWA provides an easy way to access e-mail and calendar on the web.

Students may also use Microsoft Outlook or Entourage on university-owned computers to access their Exchange account; however, Outlook/Entourage is not recommended for use on computers where multiple users share a common login.

Managing Two Separate Mailboxes

Those student employees who receive Exchange mailboxes will have two separate mailboxes -- an Outlook Live mailbox and an Exchange mailbox. All official university e-mail will be sent to a student’s e-mail address (eg. ab123410@ohio.edu) and will go to the student’s Outlook Live (CatMail) mailbox, unless they are forwarding their e-mail to another email account such as Gmail or Yahoo. Mail related to a student employee’s job function may go to their separate Exchange e-mail account. The Catmail account and the student account CANNOT be forwarded to one another.

Since undergraduate Exchange accounts are for the purpose of accessing other Exchange accounts, they have a minimal 256 MB quota, and should not be used as a general email account. CatMail is still considered the primary OU-provided email and calendar service for all students. Learn about your Exchange quota by visiting the Checking and Managing Your Quota page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Student Employee Exchange Accounts

Q: How do I manage a shared mailbox?
A: Instructions for managing a shared Exchange mailbox are available here.

Q: How do I manage a shared calendar?
A: Instructions for managing a shared Exchange calendar are available here.