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Rumors About the Exchange Project



Rumor: I heard that someone's e-mail was lost during the Exchange migration process


Response: E-mail on Oak is moved to Exchange automatically using a software tool, so no e-mail or attachments should be lost.  If you keep archives of your e-mail on your desktop or laptop, this e-mail is not moved automatically.  OIT Support Staff can assist you with moving this mail to Outlook or Entourage.


Rumor: I heard there are problems with archiving my e-mail to a personal folder on my machine.


Response: Personal folders work well in Outlook an Entourage, and we encourage you to use them in order to stay below your e-mail quota.  


Rumor: I heard that if I have a Blackberry on Verizon, I will need to upgrade my data plan to be able to wirelessly sync my Exchange e-mail and calendar.


Response: Verizon has published information that they will require a data plan upgrade in order for Blackberry users to synchronize their mail, calendar and contacts wirelessly using the Blackberry Enterprise Express (BESX) server.  We have not run into any issues configuring Verizon Blackberry devices to use OIT's BESX, however Verizon may require you to upgrade your plan in the future.  There are other options for syncing your Blackberry.  Contact the OIT Service Desk if you have any questions or concerns.  

Rumor: I heard that Outlook 2010 doesn't work with Exchange.


Response: Outlook 2010 was released in June 2010 and is fully compatible with our Exchange environment.  Since Outlook 2010 was released late during the email conversion project, most of our documentation refers to Outlook 2007.  We are working to update our website with information about Outlook 2010.  The help available through Outlook 2010 is excellent, and you can also visit  Microsoft's Outlook 2010 support site to get help.


Rumor: I've heard folks outside of Ohio University can propose meetings to our Exchange calendars.  Does any "permission" need to be granted?  Can this type of activity be blocked?


Response: In Exchange, you can create meeting invitations which include external users.  For example, you can add a colleague who has not yet migrated to Exchange, a student who is using Outlook Live, or a contact outside the university.  Similarly, people outside of Ohio University can send meeting requests to Ohio University users.  These meeting requests are just e-mails with standard .ics attachments that are recognized by Outlook, Entourage and iCal email clients.  Folks outside of Ohio University do not need permission to send you calendar requests because they are just sending you an e-mail.  You can create a rule in Outlook or Entourage to manage meeting requests from outside of Ohio University, but OIT does not recommend this.


Rumor: I heard that Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange are not secure.


Early versions of Outlook 2003  had security issues.  In 2005, Microsoft  issued a security update for Outlook 2003 which stopped Outlook from  automatically loading HTML images in email, prohibited opening executable  attachments without explicit permission, and added a Junk Mail filter.  Another update to Outlook 2003 added an  anti-phishing filter. All of these security features continue to be a part of  Outlook, and have been enhanced across new versions over the years (Outlook  2007, Outlook 2010, Entourage 2008 and Outlook 2011).  OIT recommends using Outlook 2010 on the PC  and Outlook 2011 on the Mac or Outlook Web Access for checking your Exchange  e-mail.  Microsoft Exchange is the market  leading e-mail system, and OIT deployed Exchange according to security best  practices.   

Regardless of which email client or system you use, it is important to watch out for e-mail scams.  For more information about protecting yourself from e-mail scams, visit     http://www.ohio.edu/technology/news/2010/email_scams.cfm and http://www.onguardonline.gov/topics/botnets-hackers-spam.aspx for more information.


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