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Info for OU-COM Exchange Users

In February, OIT will be working with OU-COM Exchange users to move their email and calendar data to OIT's new Exchange server. OIT is working to make this move as seamless as possible. In mid-February, OIT will move a group of 20-30 OU-COM Exchange users as a pilot to test the process. After the pilot is complete, OIT will schedule remaining OU-COM Exchange users to be moved.

OIT will copy your email, calendar and address book data from OU-COM's Exchange server to OIT's Exchange server, so you won't lose any data as a result of the move. There are a few differences you will notice after you have been moved, which are listed below. This list may change as we receive feedback from our group of pilot users.

  1. If you have any issues after moving to OIT's Exchange server, you should contact the OIT Service Desk at 740-593-1222 or servicedesk@ohio.edu

  2. After you have been moved to OIT's Exchange, you will need to login to Outlook using OhioID@ohio.edu and your Oak password. If you have any trouble logging in, you should try changing your password first https://technology.ohio.edu:9443/myaccount/changepassword.php.

  3. If you have a mobile device (eg. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.), and you currently sync with OU-COM's Exchange server, you will need to change the settings once you have moved to OIT's Exchange server. Instructions are available here - http://www.ohio.edu/oit/email/exchange/access_mobile.cfm

  4. The URL for accessing Outlook Web Access will change to https://mail.ohio.edu

  5. The address book in the OIT Exchange server has all employees and students including those on regional campuses. This will make it easier to schedule meetings with your colleagues outside of OU-COM. The address book is updated based on HR data, so if your personal information is incorrect, you can use Employee Self-Service http://www.ohio.edu/ebiz/myhr.html.

  6. Your email quota on OIT's Exchange is 512MB. If you currently have more than 512MB on the OU-COM Exchange server, your quota will remain the same after you move.

  7. Any email sent to your @oucom.ohiou.edu email address will go to your OIT Exchange account.

  8. The OU-COM and OIT Exchange calendars will be synchronized so users who have been moved to OIT's Exchange will be able to see updated free/busy info during the move.

  9. If you currently have Outlook PST files, you should not have any problems accessing after you have been moved to OIT's Exchange.

  10. OIT requires student employees to have their own Exchange accounts (i.e. no generic or shared accounts). You can request a student employee Exchange account by contacting the OIT Service Desk. Visit http://www.ohio.edu/oit/email/exchange/student_employees.cfm for more info.

  11. When your Outlook profile is set up to connect to OIT's Exchange server, email addresses in your auto-complete list will not be available. These are the email addresses that appear when you start typing an address in the "To:" field of a new message in Outlook. If you need help accessing addresses in your auto-complete list after you have moved to OIT Exchange, please contact the OIT Service Desk.

  12. If you are currently forwarding your @ohio.edu email to OU-COM Exchange, OIT will remove this forwarding as part of your move to OIT's Exchange server.  If you are forwarding your email to another service like Gmail, we will not modify your forwarding.

  13. If you currently have a separate OU-COM Exchange account and Oak account, we will copy your Oak email to OU-COM Exchange prior to moving all of your email to OIT's Exchange server.  We will copy your Oak email into a new folder in your OU-COM Exchange account.

If you have any questions or concerns about your move to OIT's Exchange server, please don't hesitate to contact the OIT Service Desk.