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Exchange Email & Calendaring

Exchange loginUpgrade begins June 23

Enrolled and employed graduate students plus MS3 medical students will be upgraded to Catmail between June 23 and June 26, 2014 with all other graduate and medical students following between June 26 and July 11.  Faculty, staff and other Exchange users will begin their upgrade in early August.

The upgrade will provide 50GB quotas, a better web interface, and easier calendaring for faculty, staff, graduate students, medical students, retirees, and long term guest account holders. 

If you are a graduate student or medical student and are unable to log into your Exchange account, try logging into Catmail instead. Visit the Catmail home page to learn more...

Exchange is Ohio University's locally hosted service providing email, calendar, contacts, and task management to faculty, staff, graduate students, medical students, retirees, emeriti, and long term guests. Accounts are created automatically from information received from Human Resources/Payroll and the Student Information System.

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