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Check your Mailbox Quota


Check your quota using Outlook 2007
Check your quota using Outlook (no pictures)
Check your quota using OWA (Outlook Web Access)

NOTE: To check your quota using OWA you MUST use the full-function version of OWA in Internet Explorer. The OWA-light version does NOT allow you to check your quota.


How do I identify large emails?

 If you are having trouble staying below quota, it may be useful for you to locate large message attachments which are clogging up your mailbox. Email messaging systems are not designed to be a primary file repository. If you find that you have several messages with large attachments, you can search for these messages and move the attachments to the appropriate file storage location. To do so:

  1. Open the Outlook Client.

  2. Go to the Search Folders below the *Sent Items* folder and click on the Large Mailsearch folder.  This will show all messages larger than 500 KB.  It will also sort it from "Very Large (500 KB- 1 MB" to "Huge (1 - 5 MB)" to "Enormous (>5 MB)".

  3. Open each message where a large attachment resides, right click on the attachment and choose "Save as", browse to your file location and select "Save".

  4. Right click on the attachment again and select "Remove".

  5. When you close the message you will be prompted to save changes, select yes.