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Catmail Calendar Resources

Catmail allows you to manage the scheduling and availability of rooms and equipment provided by your department or unit. Rooms and equipment are referred to as resources.

Rooms in Catmail can be reserved for meetings and other events. This includes conference rooms and other meeting spaces. Equipment can also be reserved through Catmail. This typically includes things like laptops and projectors, but could include any type of equipment.

What is a Resource?

A resource can be a conference room, a lab or any equipment that can be scheduled. Here are the default resource settings. Any Catmail Calendar user can invite a resource to a meeting. All meeting requests and cancellations are processed automatically, with no manual intervention required. Resources accept invitations on a first-come, first-served basis. The resource will not allow meetings to be added to the calendar if a conflict exists.

Default Access Rights for Resources

The default access rights for most resource calendars are set to allow any Ohio University employee to schedule the resource and to allow anyone to view meetings for that resource (as long as they are not marked as private by the meeting owner). Resource owners and delegates can adjust these rights as necessary.

How to Invite Resources to Meetings

Inviting a Resource in Outlook

To invite a resource to your meeting, within the meeting invitation, click the Rooms button to view a list of resources. You can also refine the list of resources by entering part of the name of your resource. Once you've found the resource, double-click it to add it to the Rooms field and click OK.

Inviting a Resource in OWA 

To invite a resource to your meeting, from within the meeting invitation click on the book icon next to the location field. Click Ohio Direcctory to see a list of all resources. You can also refine the list of resources by entering part of the name of your resource. Once you've found the resource, select it and click Resources to add it to the Resource field. When finished, click OK.

How to Request New Calendar Resources

Resource creation is handled centrally. If you would like to add a departmental resource to Catmail Calendar, please place a work order through the Service Desk. You should have the following information ready when you call:  

  • Location of the resource - building, room number and department

  • Type of resource - conference room, lab, multimedia cart, etc.

  • Primary contact - person responsible for this resource

  • Delegate(s) [optional] - Catmail user or users who should have the ability to accept/decline invitations on behalf of the resource.

You will not be billed for this service.