Other E-mail Topics

For other e-mail related instructions and topics, including Address Book, working with folders, message options, spellcheck, rules (filters) and more, please see Microsoft's Mail help.

The Options Menu:  Use the options link located near the top-right to:

  • Check e-mail from other accounts
  • Set up rules (AKA filters) to automatically sort mail
  • Set up automatic replies (such as a vacation message)
  • Access recently deleted items
  • Manage groups
  • Change account settings - such as format, notification methods, spelling, how the display panes are arranged
  • View mobile phones you've configured to sync with CatMail
  • View and change your spam/junk mail settings

For more information, see Microsoft's Options Reference help.

Additional Help:

To access the Microsoft help files linked from this page, as well as many more, click the blue Help icon (a blue circle containing a question mark) located near the top-right of the page.