Client Software

Locally Installed Clients

  • Unity Client: Hyland's next generation OnBase client that combines the flexibility of a web client with the features and functionality of a thick client (Windows Only Client).
  1. Download and follow the installation instructions
  2. Click link to Install Unity Client (Internet Explorer is required to install the Unity Client)

*For Unity Client upgrade instructions follow this link

  • Thick Client: Hyland's full feature legacy OnBase client. This client should be used when scanning and/or batch indexing of documents from your computer is required (Windows Only Client).
  1. Download and run the Thick Client Installer

Web Browser Based Clients

The OnBase Web Clients have less functionality than the Unity or Thick Clients. However, they are an excellent choice if your primary purpose for using OnBase is for retrieving and viewing documents along with workflow interaction. The browser-based clients come in three versions:

    • Works with Internet Explorer (version 11.0 or lower) and FireFox ESR (version 31 or lower) (Download FireFox ESR version 31: Windows or MAC).
    • No Installation files required
    • Can be used on both MAC and Windows Platforms
  1. Point IE or FireFox ESR to

Supplemental Software

The following software is used to add functionality to existing OnBase client installations.

OnBase Virtual Print Driver:

The Virtual Print Driver (VPD) appears as a standard printer in Windows applications and enables users to electronically print documents directly into OnBase. Printing directly into OnBase saves the cost of printing and then scanning documents. This functionality requires the OnBase Unity or Thick Client be installed on the local workstation.

To Install the virtual print driver, download and install the following setup program: OnBase VPD Installer