Licensing and Costs

OnBase Document Imaging Licensing

The OnBase Document Imaging license allows departments to connect their scanner(s) to the OnBase system for the purpose of archiving paper based documents as images. OnBase scan licenses come in two versions: Production and Desktop.

  • A production license is designed for medium and high volume scanning and provides the following benefits:

o Support for TWAIN, ISIS, and Kofax compatible scanners

o Patch and Barcode recognition

o Scan at your scanner rated pages per minute

o Includes required Workstation License

o Total Cost: $2,000.00

  • A desktop license is designed for low volume scanning and provides the following benefits:

o Supports only TWAIN compatible scanners

o Does not include required Workstation License (Cost: $600.00)

o Desktop Imaging licenses are available in the following usage levels:

- Less than or equal to 30 pages per minute (Cost: $1,000.00)

- Greater than 30 pages per minute (Cost: $1,500.00)

o Total Cost: $1600.00 – $2100.00

Please contact the EDMS team to receive a formal quote when you are ready to purchase your OnBase Document Imaging license. You may contact them by emailing