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Automatic Call Distribution

The Solution for High Traffic Phone Lines

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) makes it possible to handle large numbers of incoming calls by automatically diverting those calls to pre-defined groups of people and queuing excess calls when all group members are busy.

When used in conjunction with voice mailboxes, ACD can be used to create an automated voice menu system that can route large numbers of calls directly to the most appropriate person or group, based on each caller's menu selections.

How ACD Works

Each ACD installation is custom designed to meet an exact need. During initial setup, we will help you determine which phone numbers need coverage and how many groups you will need. Once your numbers and groups are defined, you then can choose how ACD handles calls.

ACD calls can be distributed in three ways:

  • Sequential - Calls route to group members based on the order in which they originally were added to the group.

  • Load Sharing - Calls route to the group member who has been free the longest.

  • Priority - Each group member is assigned a priority rating during initial group creation. Calls then route to the highest rated available group member.

When all members of a group are busy, ACD queues incoming calls and provides call progress messages to those callers. You can configure ACD to use one or more of the following options:

  • recorded voice announcement

  • music-on-hold

  • divert to another destination

Keeping Track of Call Flow

ACD also includes a statistics module called the "Call Center Manager" (CCM) that can be used for monitoring, displaying and recording the activities of ACD groups and destinations. Using a networked PC, CCM allows you to view both historical and real-time reports of your ACD group's call flow. That way you can identify any problem areas and refine your installation's distribution patterns.


For more information or questions about Automatic Call Distribution at Ohio University or to obtain a price quote, please send e-mail to the Service Desk, servicedesk@ohio.edu.