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Cabling Services

A network is only as good as its wires. At Ohio University, the OIT Integrated Cabling group sets a high standard of excellence for its network connections. Our Integrated Cabling group installs and maintains all forms of communications cable for Ohio University, including voice, data, television, and alarm/security wiring.

Full-Service Management:

  • We provide professional management for every aspect of our cable-installation jobs from start to finish. We take pride in delivering our voice and data connections "ready to run." In a typical cabling project, we take responsibility for: Design and engineering in consultation with the customer.

  • Specifying and obtaining appropriate materials for the job.

  • Installing and testing the cable runs.

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of the physical connections.

Installation Methods:
We can perform both indoor and outdoor cable installations. Typical runs take advantage of one or more of the following mounting methods:

  • Aerial
  • Underground
  • Tunnel
  • Above-ceiling/inside-walls
  • Surface-mount conduit

We provide complete emergency repair services as well as periodic maintenance on our cable runs.

For more information about cabling options at Ohio University, contact OIT. For a price quote, please call 740-593-1222.