Ohio University

Group-Based Collaboration: Microsoft Groups

Microsoft Groups are shared workspaces for email, conversations, files, and events where group members can communicate and collaborate. For example, you can request a group for your team and then invite other Office 365 users to join the group to share documents, conversations, meeting notes, and OneNote information related to your specific group.


Groups are best accessed via OneDrive on the web:

  1. Log into https://onedrive.ohio.edu.
  2. Any groups you belong to will be displayed in your OneDrive page's left navigation.
    • In smaller browser windows or mobile devices, you may need to use the menu button (three horizontal lines) to view your groups.
    • If you can't see your group in OneDrive, you might need to "follow" it in the web version of Catmail.


  • Shared email address/inbox based on the Group name
  • Shared calendar
  • OneDrive for Business file storage space that is separate from individual members' OneDrive spaces
  • Shared OneNote notebook
  • Microsoft Teams for individual and group chat within the Group
  • Approved for storing FERPA, HIPAA and PHI data

Best Uses

  • Collaboration space for departments, research groups, project teams, committees, etc.
  • Storing sensitive data


  • To request: Faculty, staff, emeriti, and advisors of registered student organizations
  • To be a member: Anyone with a valid OHIO ID

How to Request

Contact the IT Service Desk with the following information:

  • Division or College
  • Department: For organizations, this should be the sponsoring department.
  • Preferred Display Name: A short, descriptive name of your Group. The Group's shared email address will be based on this name, and unless you specify otherwise, individuals will be able to search for this name in the University's Outlook online directory.  
  • Purpose
  • Special Capabilities:
    • Will the Group be used to store sensitive data (HIPAA, FERPA, PHI, etc.)?
    • Should the Group's address be hidden from the Outlook online directory?
    • Does the Group need a Team?
  • Group Owner(s): The OHIO ID of at least one person who will be responsible for managing Group membership.