Ohio University

Shared Mailboxes and Calendars

Custom Office 365 email address that lets one or more individuals send and receive mail using that address rather than their personal address. Can also be used for calendar appointments.



  • Multiple owners: One or more Catmail users can access a shared mailbox.
  • Single identity: A shared mailbox works just like a regular inbox for email and calendar.
  • Custom name: Mailbox address and "name" can be customized when the mailbox is first created.
  • Continuity: Because a shared mailbox is not tied to a personal email account, it can remain available even if the original owner leaves the university or changes roles.

Best uses

  • Shared email and calendar for departments, organizations or project teams.


  • Creation: You must be a current employee to request a new shared mailbox.
  • Access: Anyone with a valid OHIO email address can be granted access to an existing shared mailbox.

How to request

  • Contact the IT Service Desk - 740-593-1222 or OIT's help page. Please have the following information ready:
    • Mailbox address: the part that goes in front of "@ohio.edu"
    • Mailbox name: What people will see if they look your shared mailbox up in Outlook or OWA
    • Mailbox owner(s): The OHIO email addresses of all individuals who will need to access the shared mailbox