ITAC Charter

Effective Date - 5/23/07

In accordance with recommendations from faculty and administration, students, common practice at other universities, and longstanding university expectations, fundamental decisions about Information Technology at Ohio University will henceforth be made under the guidance  and counsel of the IT Advisory Council (ITAC).  The ITAC is a presidentially-approved committee whose primary charge is to support the CIO in upholding the principles of Vision Ohio.

To support our educational mission in achieving the goals outlined above, we require a well-maintained infrastructure of people and facilities. Our academic support services exist to serve the academic mission: they should be effective, efficient, and continually improving.

The ITAC will be charged with:

  • Recommending and/or sponsoring IT-related policies at the university
  • Reviewing, assessing, and prioritizing proposals for new IT services
  • Recommending requests for new funding from the university
  • Forming additional processes and ad hoc committees, as necessary, for the review and adoption of campus-wide information technology projects
  • Developing the Mission Statement and Strategic Plan for Central IT
  • Oversight of an annual process for establishing metrics and assessing the effectiveness of central IT

The CIO will also utilize existing and new functional advisory groups (student, faculty, technology, and administrative) to provide support and targeted input to the ITAC.

Meeting minutes and results will be publicized to the university community and recommendations will be made to the CIO, President, and/or other university leadership as appropriate.


The ITAC will be chaired by the CIO and consist of representatives from the following 7 university groups:

  • 5 faculty members
    • 3 chosen by faculty senate
      • 1 of whom should be the chair of the faculty senate IT committee
    • 2 faculty members chosen by the EVP/Provost
      • 1 of whom is a member of the Chairs & Directors Council
  • 2 student representatives
    • 1 undergraduate student chosen by the student senate
    • 1 graduate student chosen by the graduate student senate
  • 2 staff representatives
    • One chosen by administrative senate
    • One chosen by classified senate
  • 3 members of the IT community
    • 1 representative of Central IT
    • 1 representative of Athens Distributed IT
    • 1 representative of Regional IT
  • 3 representatives of central administration
    • 1 representative of the VP for Finance and Administration
    • 1 representative of the EVP/Provost
    • 1 representative of the VP for Student Affairs
  • 4 representatives of the academic deans
    • Colleges chosen by the EVP/Provost
      • Representative chosen by the appropriate dean
      • 1 representative of the Dean of Libraries
  • 1 representative of the Office of Research

The Committee will be staffed by non-voting members:

  • A facilitator from Central IT
  • The Central IT Directors
  • A representative from Legal Affairs

Term of Membership

  • To improve efficiency and collective memory, members will normally be chosen for 2 year terms
  • Students will be encouraged to select representatives who can make at least a 2 year commitment
  • In the first year, one member of each of the 7 groups of customers will be chosen for a 1 year term; one faculty member and one IT representative will be chosen for a 1 year term.